Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guy Fieri on DIY's Garage Mahal show

Guy Fieri on DIY Network's Garage Mahal Monday, November 9th at 10:30pm/9:30c, with Brian Corsetti.

Click here to watch the full, 20-minute episode of Garage Mahal with Guy Fieri on DIY.

Guy Fieri, Food Network's superstar chef, is one busy fella. That's why the Garage Mahal team has come to help him turn his bare garage into a sleek, eclectic space complete with an incredible bar on wheels, diamond plate wainscoting, and a half ton of auto parts including vintage car hoods that raise to reveal flat screen TV's. In the end this garage is transformed into a functional and unique space that is 100% Guy Fieri.

Check Garage Mahal's Guy Fieri's Garage episode page for future air dates and times.

For Autoweek's take on the new garage, click here to read their article and review. They say "The folks from Unique Garage, a company that creates cabinets with custom-image fronts, built a wall's worth of storage whose designs were Fieri's own unique Joe Leonard-drawn tattoos."

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Want to know more about Guy Fieri's cars? MotorTrend's article (from two years ago? maybe?) may be of interest.


Anonymous said...

i think this show is on tonight but i dont' know what channel diy is ... dora, do you know?

Dora said...

Anon 9:26, are you in Iowa? Well anyway, each cable or satellite television provider has DIY on a different channel. Many of us with basic or even expanded channels don't get DIY (or FLN, for that matter). You'll have to check with your own provider.

I'm hoping the episode will go up on Hulu, Fancast, or one of these other television video hosting sites. I'll be looking for it! But if you, or someone else, finds it first, be sure to comment here. I'll embed it in a new post.