Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jambalaya Sandwich (GI0202)

Guy's Big Bite - Jambalaya Sandwich – Aired: 2/25/07

In Guy Fieri's world, every day is Mardi Gras and man can't live on po-boys and muffaletta sandwiches alone. You might know Jambalaya as a rich stew made with andouille sausage, veggies, and chicken, but to Guy it’s the perfect base for a genius sandwich.

Jambalaya Sandwich - recipe

Goody Girl Championship Potatoes - recipe

Just What the Doctor Ordered - cocktail recipe

bacon, pork, sausage, chicken, sourdough bread, Havarti cheese, potatoes, Cheddar, beer, amaretto, Bacardi 151

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sangria Shrimp (GI0207) with video

Guy's Big Bite - Sangria Shrimp – Aired: 2/18/07

Guy Fieri knows that the best thing about sangria is the succulent fruit in the bottom of the glass, so why not apply the "sangria treatment" to juicy shrimp? Guy's Sangria-Glazed Shrimp will have you toasting to his festive ingenuity!

Sangria Glazed Prawns - recipe

Garlic Onion Tortilla Cake - recipe

Shark Attack - cocktail recipe

glaze, red wine, apple, shrimp, mint, flour tortillas, tequila, Triple Sec, juice, Bacardi 151

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pepperoni Lasagna (GI0201)

Guy's Big Bite - Pepperoni Lasagna – Aired: 2/11/07

Guy Fieri is combing his two favorite Italian foods, Pizza and Lasagna, into one rocking dish. Guy has seen all kinds of pizza in his day, including Lasagna Pizza, so all things being fair he decided to steal a pizza topping and put it in his lasagna--hence, Pepperoni Lasagna! One bite and everything you thought about both pizza and lasagna will be changed forever!

Blazy's Pepperoni Studded Lasagna - recipe
a fan favorite

Strawberry Panzanella - recipe

The Grape Ape Bowla Cocktail - recipe

lasagna sheets, pepperoni, ricotta, mozzarella, Italian sausage, sourdough bread, strawberries, blue cheese, orange, vodka, rum, gin, Triple Sec, grapes

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tangerine Beef (GI0203)

Guy's Big Bite - Tangerine Beef - Aired: 2/4/07

Guy Fieri is here to wok your world with a Spicy Tangerine Beef and Barbecue Pork Fried Rice that will have you erasing your local Chinese restaurant's delivery hotline from your cellphone. Stir-fried Ginger and Flank Steak get the royal treatment with hoisin, chili sauce, and fresh squeezed tangerine juice for a sweet and fiery dish that shares co-billing with a Barbecue Pork Fried Rice that will redefine your take on this classic favorite.

Spicy Tangerine Beef - recipe
A fan favorite

BBQ Pork Fried Rice - recipe

Tokyo Tea Cocktail - recipe

soy sauce, flank steak or tri-tip, hoisin sauce, tangerine, pork tenderloin, rice, melon liqueur, vodka, rum, gin, Triple Sec

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