Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you want more ...

I can't restart this fan site until I get an explanation from Guy for his behavior. To do so would be counter to everything that I believe in.

Friends and family are The Most Important thing that we all have. And he acted abominably to my friend. It's not that she's my very dearest friend, but I admire her and her work very much. The quantity of time she puts in to helping others is enough to put 99% of us to shame. I'm proud of making my United Way contributions, but this woman spends every day in service towards others, every day - with her time, talents, resources ... even financially.

She donated 10% of her annual income to the Food Network's pet charity. Have you? Has Guy? I know I haven't.

I just saw her briefly this past weekend, and asked if she'd heard anything more from Guy. "Of course not," she said. Of course not. And why would he! There are hundreds of thousands of Guy Fieri fans out there. All of his shows and cooking demo's are sold out. Lines wrap around the building at his book signings, and his guestbook on GuyFieri.com is full of "I love you" notes from fans.

So what if one lady is over-sensitive to his remarks. Who cares about one lady who got stomped on by this egocentric self-proclaimed Chef / Food Dude?

I care.

So I wrote to Mr. Brandt Hoekenga and asked him to take my Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives map OFF Fieri's website. He did so immediately, and he forwarded my complaint on to Fieri's management. Haven't heard a word back.

So I wrote to the Food Network's publicity department for some guidance and advice. Haven't heard a word back.

So I wrote to info@guyfieri.com. Haven't heard a word back.

So I wrote to Mr. Fieri's website (the aforementioned guestbook). My complaint never posted, presumably deleted by Guy's mother, who moderates all posts there. And no, haven't heard a word back.

The real punchline to the whole scenario is that Guy said to this very same friend, "You of all people should know I'm not that shallow." And here he is, proving that he is, in fact, that shallow - a charm in front of the cameras, in public. Not so charming at the back doors of restaurants in the dark alleys of Seattle.

Guy just got back from the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. He will be on a CNN spot tomorrow, February 25, and Guy's Big Night will air on the Food Network. And yes, Guy is going to be on the Tonight Show mid-March. He is also going to New York to tape Guy's Big Bite at the end of March. April will be busy with a food show in Atlanta, followed by the Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. Iraq and Disneyland in May ....

There's much to tell, with video and pictures to go along with it. And there's a part of me that would love to take this little blogging hobby back up again. But to do so would be to disrespect one of the women, one of the people, I respect the most.

If Guy is all he wants us all to believe he is, then he's got to man-up, clear this up, fix it up and do it right. If you want him to live up to what he says he is, then you can comment in his guestbook too. Not that it'll do any good, but at least you'll know you tried.

I know I did, and I got no results. Hence, I am done being ... a Fan of Guy Fieri

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Comfort Replay (GI0503H)

Guy's Big Bite - Comfort Replay - Aired 02/22/09

Guy Fieri never wants to grow up, and in some ways he never has to, like with this comforting meal with favorites from his childhood. Sophisticated twists, like herbed crust around his chicken pot pie, and a cherry dessert you set on fire, keeps the adult in you satisfied, too.

Bird in a Pie - recipe
no photo available

Kitchen Sink Salad - recipe
no photo available

Red Lion Flambe Cherries Jubilee - recipe

chicken, pancetta, pine nuts, baby salad greens, Gorgonzola, Bing cherries, Kirsch liqueur, Triple Sec, ice cream

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cruisin' to Vera Cruz (GI0505H)

Guy's Big Bite - Cruisin' to Vera Cruz - Aired: 2/8/09

After a trip south of the border, Guy Fieri had a hankerin' for fresh Latin flavors. Grab your sunglasses and hop on board for a taste of these bold bites.

Halibut Veracruz - recipe
a fan favorite

Beer-battered Asparagus with Garlic Aioli - recipe

German Chocolate Cake - cocktail recipe

tomato, jalapeno, white wine, halibut, olives, avocados, asparagus, beer, Garlic Aioli, citrus vodka, Frangelico

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fuel the Fieri (GI0514H)

Guy's Big Bite - Fuel the Fieri - Aired: 2/1/09

Guy Fieri is feulin' up with his famous beef chili. It's hearty, laced with smoky heat and perfect eaten over, under or around crispy french cut fries. A Dragon's Breath Chiller will keep his friends going through the last play of the game!

Dragon's Breath Chili - recipe - Nutrition analysis (B+)
*I've made this; it's an excellent chili recipe. If you like your chili a little thicker, consider adding crushed corn tortilla chips, corn meal or masa corn flour and allow to simmer during the last hour.*

Double-Fried French Fries - recipe

Dragon's Breath Chiller - recipe

peppers, chiles, beef chuck, Italian sausage, potatoes, Pisco, Grand Marnier, blood oranges

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