Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fans spend time MS Painting Guy Fieri

I never said this was a serious blog ....

First entry by Epic Portions, Adventures in Food.

And this second entry, by Consumed and Obsessed

which continues with "America's only living Dragonball-Z character, Guy Fieri ..."

I just about rolled off my chair, laughing.

Then there's this Guy Fieri puppet, one of three wishing Sammi a happy birthday on YouTube (video here). Haha. Yup! Someone took the time to make "Guy Fiery" puppet, along with a French Toast and a Quesadilla. I think this wins the 'Dorable Award' for the week.

Speaking of Food Network artistic impersonations, and because the holiday season will be here before you know it, that's right: from the FN Dish, Food Network Star gingerbread cookies.

I think Guy Fieri looks delicious. Click images to be redirected to their respective blog posts. Life's short! Draw, paint, make puppets and frost cookies. Do it now; it all goes by so quickly. Haha, enjoy.

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