Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Piston ring is 'so munee,' for Guy

In a blog post from June 22, 2009, Final words on Guy Fieri at the Shoreline , Carlos Lovato commented:
I met Guy at the book signing. I gave him one of our 12:1 piston rings. He loved it, you can see it in some of the photos you have on his left middle finger. I have a great picture of the moment I gave him the ring. His expression is priceless. He gave me a postcard of his with his endorsement "Carlos, Da ring is so Munee! Guy" I would like to share the pics. You can see the ring at

Guy Fieri wearing Carlos' 12:1 piston ring at the Shoreline Amphitheater, Mt. View, CA. 6/13/09

Well, Carlos wrote back to me with his terrific photograph! Here's what he wrote:
Hi Dora,

You run a very nice blog. I check it to see what Guy's up to more than his site. [Haha! thank you. ~D] I just noticed the comment you left. Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

I went to the show just to meet Guy. I only had battery life for one picture. This picture was taken the moment that I gave it to him. The ring is in the shape of an automobile piston. He says to me "Dude you don't know how much this ring is me!" And I replied "Yes I do that's why I'm here." When (he) signed the card and told me he doesn't do this for everyone. He signed it "Carlos, Da ring is so Munee! Guy!" He thanked me, reached over the table gave me a hug, and said he would definitely get back to me for more jewelry.

Guy Fieri's reaction to Carlos' piston ring

What a priceless expression! And thank you Carlos! For being so thoughtful and for sharing.

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Karl Elvis said...

I have a couple of pieces from Sinners Inc; Carlos is an awesome dude and his jewelry is fabulous.

Dora said...

Thanks for commenting Karl! I looked over the jewelry on Carlos' site - it's all quite impressive and appears to be top notch in design and quality.

KutWrite said...

"Da ring is so munee?" I know it's supposed to sound "ghetto hip" but what does that mean?

I'd guess it means "expensive looking." Am I close?


Dora said...

Dan, Haha! There may come a day when I write a publish a Guy-English English-Guy dictionary. Today is not that day; however, I think I can field your question.

"Munee," in Guy-speak, refers to something real, of value, something worthy, something of intrinsic quality.