Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guy Fieri raves about Cleveland, win tickets to Atlantic City

Joe Crea from caught up with Guy Fieri to get his thoughts on the recent "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" visit in Cleveland, Ohio last week. Fieri will go back to Cleveland in November for the 2009 Fabulous Food Show. Funny article - Crea describes Guy as a mega-madman. :-)
"Man, it was off-the-hook," Fieri said, on a break from filming two shows -- simultaneously -- at his home in California's Sonoma Valley. "It's not that often that after I leave a place, with all the stuff running through my life and through my head, that a week later great things still come to mind."
"The Parmageddon [sandwich] you get at Melt [Bar and Grilled] is incredible -- I still think about it, one of the best sandwiches ever, and Matt [owner Matt Fish] is truly crazed!

"You've got some history there -- so when we went to Sterle's [Slovenian Country House], come on! That place is a fortress, and there's so much nostalgia behind it as well. Good food in a neat old building.

"Momocho! Wonderful! I also like that it's atypical -- outside-of-the-box Mexican, 'mod Mex' he [chef-owner Eric Williams] calls it.

"And down-home, homemade food at Lucky [Lucky's Cafe]. There's so much real energy behind it!" (Dig: Fieri talks in exclamation points, at a pace so exuberant his tempo can't be captured by anyone shy of a jazz percussionist.)

Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, Ohio and occasionally visits his aunt, Polly Barrett, and cousins, the Langermeiers, who live in the Rocky River-Westlake area. "Every time I go to Cleveland, I've had a nice time," he says. ... It's just an awesome, awesome city. You guys have killer restaurants. I know you're known for the Indians, the Browns and the Cavs and the Rock and Roll Hall -- but you've got to be known for fantastic eateries."


You can win passes to the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival.

Dara Bunjon of the has five passes, each good for two guests, giving you access to the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival’s Grand Market for Saturday, August 1st or Sunday, August 2nd. The Food and Wine Festival starts Thursday, July 30th.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Find the story she wrote previously about Atlantic City.(not the contest announcement) [here ~D]
2. Send her an e-mail at ACFood& naming her friend in the story and the title of the story.
3. Put your complete mailing address in your entry.

"I will draw the five winners on July 24th and the passes will be mailed to you via the event organizers."

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