Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guy Fieri's big heart

Hugbacker.com has done a nice interview with Guy Fieri recently about his charitable efforts. Here are a few comments Guy Fieri made in the interview - read the full story here.

"If I was to the point where I didn’t have to work," Guy said, "philanthropy would be my biggest interest."

Guy commented on his family's work with a Mexican orphange. "For the past couple of years I’ve been cooking a benefit dinner down there too at a local restaurant; we raised money for the school system. It’s been awesome to be able to help out."

Guy Fieri also mentioned that Johnny Garlic's in Santa Rosa, CA, has long been community-oriented, sponsoring fund raisers for a variety of causes. "We got the first restaurant going, and one of the first things we did was make a decision to take a charity organization and give them the night." Kid Street Theater, baseball teams, soccer teams, a middle school cheerleading team and more have been recipients of efforts on the part of Guy's restaurants. "People really do want to help," he said.

The article states that Guy, together with a Sonoma County local DJ, Brent Farris, raised over $25,000 for Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Sonoma County which provides support to neglected and abused children.

Jess Dang, finalist from TNFNS season 2, with Guy Fieri at a Johnny Garlic's fund raiser

The Guy Fieri Foundation for Inspiration and Imagination is still in its initial stages. "... we want to create programs to generate opportunities for [children], so they can go after it. We want to empower them, get them thinking outside the box. We’ve got big aspirations for it."

Guy spent a day in Sacramento with California's Governor Schwarzenegger, formally declaring "the second Saturday in May [as] Cook With Your Kids day. Let’s take it national."

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