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More on the set of Guy's Big Bite

The FN Dish has a lengthy post about the set of Guy's Big Bite - a Behind the Scenes look at Guy's Big Set.

Guy Fieri tapes episodes for Guy's Big Bite twice a year at the Food Network studios at Chelsea Market in New York City. It takes three days to install the set props in the studio, ten days to shoot twenty episodes and another three days to tear everything down, pack it up neatly and put it away in storage.
"Food Network’s prime shooting space, Studio A, is home to more than just Guy’s Big Bite. Other shows, including 30 Minute Meals and Iron Chef America, are taped here, too." - FN Dish
Mark Dissin, vice president of production and the show’s executive producer, asked Guy what he wanted on his set. “I sat there and rattled off all this stuff – a pool table, a pinball machine, a big-screen TV – and I showed up and it was all there!” Guy says. Production designer Amelia Battaglio took cues from real-life bachelor pads to pull the whole look together.

“You gotta say something about Fender! For my birthday, they got me a sick $12,000 guitar,” a custom Presidential Select Stratocaster.
"While he’s not bad on the keyboard and drums, he’s going to stick to cooking for a living." - FN Dish
The sixth season of GBB was taped in late March, 2009, when a few changes were made, requested by Guy: pullout recycling bins and an extra-deep sink to hide dirty pans while he’s cooking, a built-in storage for squeeze bottles (for oils, vinegars and other cooking liquids), knives, salt, pepper and garlic. And, “I told them: ‘I want one big-@$$ cutting board!’ ” And he got one: The 4 1/2-foot-long board sits flush with the counter.

Design director Wendy Waxman hits flea markets and eBay to hunt down any dishes she thinks are “gutsy and weird.” That means skulls, snakeskin, spiders or any big, bold prints. “There’s a fine line between flashy and too flashy,” she says. “With Guy, you want to be right on that line.” Due to bright studio lights, Wendy has to find dishes that don't give off a glare.

Guy owns eight cars. Designers incorporated the car theme into the set with old hubcaps, license plates and grilles, and Guy’s now-famous Viking fridge with a racing stripe, a vinyl sticker. No word on what the number 05 represents, if anything. However, The Next Food Network Star, Season 2, the show that shot Guy Fieri to fame, was taped late in 2005. So could the 05 possibly stand for '05?

The area next to Guy’s kitchen is what you might picture for a Fieri-family rec room, with bumper pool table, Ron Jon surfboard and 42-inch TV.
"And the best toy of all is the 1970s Drop-A-Card pinball machine, which still works. Some crew members went a few rounds between takes, but no one was able to top Guy’s high score: 8,408 (out of a possible 9,999)." - FN Dish
Guy's Big Bite - Tune in Sundays at 11am/10c

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