Sunday, April 12, 2009

Inside information on Guy's Big Bite set

Guy Fieri taped a new season of Guy's Big Bite late in March at the Food Network Studios in New York.

According to the FN Dish, "The Big Bite personality that is Guy Fieri has been cooking up a storm with some of his closest friends (hint - there are TONS of special guests in the upcoming episodes of Guy’s Big Bite)."

Secretary Confidential, contributor to the FN Dish, shared some information about Guy's set. Below is an original sketch of Guy’s Big Bite set and the executed version.

- The sets are built off site and then brought into the studio to assemble. Off site it takes about 3 weeks to build, and then it’s assembled in about 3 days in the studio upstairs.

- The hubcaps on the wall are all from vintage cars that Design Director, Wendy Waxman, collected.

- The fridge with the racing stripe was custom designed specifically for Guy’s set.

Food Network insider, Bruce Seidel, reveals Guy’s new set additions right here on Monday, April 13.


Anonymous said...

So all the adolescent toys are still there? It has always looked to me more like the living room of a frat house than the set of an experienced chef.

STEVE said...


Grace said...

At least the amusements on his set are harmless and even somewhat wholesome. I'm glad to see him having some good, clean fun. Such a change from some of the awful stuff you see on the TV these days. Why, even his sons could have fun there! Of course, they would have to leave when he starts drinking the alcohol.

Anonymous said...

lol. God bless ya, Grace. :)

Todd said...

We loved this so much we linked it to our blog!

tugboat said...

At 53 years old, and a hell of a cook myself I say guy rocks
He beats all the other cooking shows (boring) hands down, I like his style and the set....I don't get where people think we should all grow up and be staid and boring ..GO GUY

Anonymous said...

I SURE DO AGREE WITH TUGBOATS COMMENT.......... 9.2010... J,21.1.11