Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fun with the Shelby Cobra

"Lumpy" shared via his blog that Wednesday night, Guy Fieri was in a CA parking lot doing burnouts in the Shelby Cobra that he bought from the owner of Denbeste Motor Sports.

Guy Fieri and "Lumpy"
"Once the smoke cleared from all the rubber being heated excessively, I walked over to meet Guy. Got a couple of pictures here, and in both pics you'll notice that tire marks on the street.

I guess there was also a photographer out there with Drive Magazine which was doing some piece on Guy. So if interested you could keep your eyes open for that."
The Shelby Mustang is a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang. From 1968 the model became the Shelby Cobra GT.

The Guy Fieri Shelby Cobra

Denbeste, Shelby and Fieri all have related interests. has reported that Carroll Shelby, chairman and founder of Carroll Shelby International Inc., has formed a company to produce and sell food items under the “Shelby Signature Foods” name. The company will focus on healthy comfort foods, as well as regional specialties such as salad dressing mixes, cornbread, salsa, and fried chicken batter mix.

Moreover, the 2008 Sema Show in Las Vegas debuted Carroll Shelby's latest venture with DenBeste Motorsports and Carroll Shelby Merchandise of Windsor California.

Bill and Lori DenBeste have a Sonoma County-based winery, DenBeste Vineyards. The wine has been adopted and loved by Guy Fieri from the Food Network, who pours their Zinfandel and Cabernet in all of his restaurants. [source]

Carroll Shelby & Guy Fieri

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