Monday, July 13, 2009

Kansas City Impostor ... again ??

This man was passing himself off as Guy Fieri at a Kansas City BBQ contest recently. Look familiar?

So for those of you who think you've spotted Guy Fieri in Kansas City, do be careful. The real Guy Fieri has frequented K.C., so it very well may have been him. But then, perhaps not. The real Guy is usually surrounded by crew, friends and family. Look for a big crowd.

There is also a Guy Fieri impersonator in Las Vegas. Guy Fieri sightings, beware!

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Mise En Place said...

Its sad people have the need to do such things.

But sadder people fall for it because I would hope fans could see this is a poser!

I've seen Guy enough on TV to tell the fake "Guy" is heavier and older looking.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might enjoy this. Later!

Anonymous said...

So if he is being a "poser" why is pointing to a picture of Guy? Maybe he just happens to look like Guy.

Dora said...

Anon 11:41, the Las Vegas impersonator is up-front about what he is doing, unlike the Kansas City and Seattle impostors. Yes, he does look like Guy and seems to be having fun doing what he is doing. :)

Anonymous said...

The Seattle "Guy" is the Las Vegas "Guy"

Dora said...

Oh ho! Well that explains a lot! Thank you, Anon 12:25.

Anonymous said...

The Seattle "Guy" is trying very hard not to look like Guy anymore... however, if he (I) goes to Vegas again.... Well, it's just fun!