Friday, July 3, 2009

Guy Fieri - podcast interview with Ceslie

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I've dug up a great podcast interview with Guy Fieri on The Ceslie Show (website). It was recorded when Guy was in Houston, Texas the week June 22 - 25, 2009. Guy's segment is first, after some 5 minutes of chatter chatter chatter by the host in her hour-long radio show. It takes about 26 minutes to get to the end of Guy's segment.

They talked about Guy's selling pretzels in the 6th grade and the history behind his father's support of Guy's entrepreneurial efforts.

As a teenager, Guy Fieri was an exchange student in France; he recalls eating Croque Monsieur and Pommes Frites, and asked himself, "Why is it this taste so incredible!" He says that was when he was bit by the (culinary) bug.

Guy also claims his parents are phenomenal cooks; they taught how food works, and Guy's dad used to play "Iron Chef" with Guy, giving him a pork chop and a cupboard of food, to see what he could do with it.

Ceslie expressed a concern that many viewers believed Guy was new to food and cooking when he won the 2nd season of Next Food Network Star. Guy replied that he's been in the restaurant business since he was 13, starting by washing dishes at Mexican Restaurant. One day someone didn't show, and he got to cook.

They also spoke about the Fieri Foundation, how it is developing and some of the inspirations behind it. The Fieri Foundation's goal is to inspire children and young adults to look to their imaginations. Guy's sister, Morgan pictured at left, is the executive director. Next year, we'll hear more. *Update - Morgan lead the Foundation until stricken with cancer in 2010. She died February 2011. More information.*

Towards attaining a life-long goal of being in the restaurant industry, Guy felt he had the culinary chops but that he needed training in the business end of things. So he got his higher education at UNLV in Hospitality Management.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea of when the Houston episodes will air?

Dora said...

Hi Buckykatt, from what I can tell, the Houston episodes are the most eagerly awaited D3 episodes I've seen. My blogs have exploded, averaging 4700 hits a week, largely driven by Houston searches.

It amazes me.

Food Network won't announce the dates for at least 6 weeks. Based on the lag time I've seen between taping and airing, I'd expect to start seeing the Houston episodes trickle in late-August through November.