Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guy Fieri considers TV series based on Road Show

The New York Daily News recently reported that "Guy Fieri may expand his portfolio of shows on the Food Network with a reality-type project."

The article went on to say that Guy and the Food Network are considering a six-episode series based on the upcoming Guy Fieri Road Show, specifically about life on the road, presumably about what it's like to travel from coast to coast in two tour buses with friends, camera crews and roadies over a 4-week period from November 17 to December 19, 2009.

And what do fans say? Comments are mixed, as they always are where Guy Fieri is concerned. I think that if the show is about FOOD on the road, travel stops, roadside picnics and RV cooking, then it could be a great show and would belong on the Food Network.

There are so many people who live their lives on the road: truckers certainly, but also salesmen, comedians, entertainers, music groups and bands, high school football teams, ..., not to mention the many people who live in their motor homes, traveling from Diner to Drive-in to Dive, following Guy's footsteps. There's a market out there.

Think of it as a show that combines the concepts of campground cooking with tailgate cooking, all while moving at 75 mph down an Interstate.

Guy and Food Network executives, if you move forward with this "reality" concept, make it about the food, not about the Road Show, the daily lives of middle-aged men on tour buses, screaming fans nor the tour itself. If that's what you had in mind, maybe shop it out to the Travel Channel.

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