Sunday, October 11, 2009

More from the New York Wine & Food Festival

Blogs, tweets, web articles and videos keep streaming in from this past weekend's New York City Wine & Food Festival 2009, hosted by the Food Network.

If you're looking for New York City Wine and Food Festival book signing pictures with Guy Fieri, click here to be redirected to

The FN Dish reviews Chelsea Market After Dark 2009

Food Network's Flickr photos

Video interview of Guy Fieri from the New York Insider, at Chelsea After Dark

Guy Fieri welcoming people to the Chelsea Market After Dark event held at Chelsea market during the NYC Wine and Food Festival 10/9/09

Guy Fieri dancing with the bartenders at the Chelsea Market After Dark event held during the Food Network Wine and Food Festival in NYC 10/9/09

(source: bus5000)

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