Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seven new episodes of Triple D in a row

The Food Network has announced new episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, starting on Monday, October 5, 2009, and running seven weeks in a row, which should finish out the seventh season. Many of the featured restaurants and cities are eagerly anticipated by fans of the show.

I don't know every restaurant for every upcoming episode, but I know a few:

You Can Say That Again
Tap Tap in Florida, Pok Pok in Oregon, Niko Niko's in Texas
Episode airs 10/5/09

Barbequed, Baked, and Brined
PizzalChik in Idaho, Honky Tonk BBQ in Illinois, Lucky's Cafe in Ohio
Episode airs 10/12/09

Blast From the Past
The Nickel Diner in California (southern), Massachusetts, Cattlemen's Steakhouse in Oklahoma
Episode airs 10/19/09

Dives Worth a Drive
The Shanty in Illinois, Grover's in New York, Ohio
Episode airs 10/26/09

Family Style
Mambo's in California (southern), Rhode Island, Cafe Pita in Texas
Episode airs 11/2/09

Diners Times Three
California (northern), Massachusetts, The Diner in Norman, Oklahoma
Episode airs 11/9/09

Morin's in Massachusetts, Lake Effect Diner in New York, Geraci's in Ohio
Episode airs 11/16/09

Folks, nothing is set in stone until these episodes actually air; I've seen last minute changes before. But at least this gives you a heads up on when you may see your favorite local joint get the national attention it deserves.

If you like, visit my Diners, Drive-ins and Dives map, where every restaurant that's aired and where Guy Fieri has recently taped is listed, complete with links to video, websites (if available) and more information.

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