Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guy finishes up round of DDD joints in OK

Brenda, from BAM's Blog, caught up with Guy over lunch at Mama E’s Wings & Waffles in Oklahoma City, saying, "he was so kind to my kids and thanked us for coming out and for watching 'DDD.'"

NewsOK reports that DDD has filmed at six different locations, including Eischen’s, Mama E’s, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Nic’s, Ingrid’s Kitchen and The Diner in Norman, OK.

View Video Interview Here

And The Food Dude writes more on his interview with Guy Fieri. "He wanted to be a rock star but couldn’t really sing or read music. When he decided to go into the food industry, he wanted to be a restaurateur. 'I wanted to have my own band, not just be a singer.'"

Photos by Paul B. Southerland/The Oklahoman

Click here to view all the Triple D restaurants Guy Fieri visited in the Oklahoma City area.

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Eating The Road said...

MaMa E's was great!