Friday, May 29, 2009

Charity auctions and appearances

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Moments Photography was on hand to help Home of the Innocents with their fund-raising event on Oaks day. They write, "the special guest was Guy Fieri - Food Network Chef. He was so awesome to work with and we had a ton of fun!"

Kate and Josh write from their blog, "Guy Fieri came and spoke at SSU, it was really interesting!" And continue with this story he told:
"He told a story about how he was recently at a fundraiser in Kentucky trying to raise money for a children's hospital, and he was at 9K and was trying to get to 10K but all of the items had been auctioned off, and he was even auctioning off random things he just found like a mini fridge from the hotel. And finally he yelled to the crowd "We need to get to 10K, what's it gonna take??" and a guy yelled from the back "your sunglasses!"

Well, apparently he had just received the sunglasses as a gift from the manufacturer, they were a one of a kind pair, created with his custom logo and copy of his tattoo as the design. He was in love with the glasses and had only had them about a week. But after standing on stage hyping everyone up about raising money, he knew he had no choice. So he walked to the back of the room and gave the guy his sunglasses, and brought the fundraiser up to 10K."

Guy Fieri stopped by EMG Pickups in Santa Rosa, CA - where this video was shot.

"Our mission is to be the undisputed technological leader in the pickup industry, creating exceptional products that empower musicians around the globe to explore and express their passion for performance."

From Fox Providence, more on grilling with pork:

Lisa Mertins writes from her blog that "Guy and his crew ... created a night of a lifetime to benefit Cardinal Newman high school and I felt lucky to be included...."

Winners of a charity auction enjoyed a dinner cooked by Guy Fieri and his crew, served in the Barrel Room at Villa de Vino, home of Kimberly & Allan Henderson, for a party of 10.

"Fieri was gracious and fun, signing books and posing for photographs. And he promised a spin with Lucinda in the Camaro he drives in “Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives” when he’s back in the North Bay — that put Lucinda over the moon.

Oh, there’s a caveat. She had to promise to spike her grown in hair like Guy’s to complete the picture, but she’s game."
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