Friday, May 8, 2009

Guy Fieri on campground cooking

Sunset Magazine did a nice article on some of Guy Fieri's campground cooking tips and recipes. The magazine shot these pictures in September of 2008 at Bodega Bay, and Guy Fieri fan T.A. Gowdy was on hand to snap a couple pictures.

Camp cooking tips from Guy
* If you organize everything before you go, you’ll eat better and faster (important when you’ve been hiking).

* Cross-utilize your groceries by building leftovers into your meal plans. For instance, save bacon fat from breakfast to fry potatoes for dinner. Make sure you keep the fat, and all your food, away from animals.

* Invest in a camp Dutch oven. You can use it for everything from frying an egg to boiling water and, best of all, it has little legs so you can set the pot right over coals ― no flat surface needed.

* Keep things at least semiclean with antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, or a spray bottle of bleach solution (1 tbsp. bleach in 1 qt. water).

Berry Camping Cake
Gaucho Steak with Four-Herb Chimichurri
Chili Lime Corn on the Cob
Jicama Slaw


Anonymous said...

As a resident of Roseville & a big fan of Guy's, check out what he was up to yesterday:

Dora said...

Yes, I saw that! And his visit with the Governor about "Cook with Your Kids Day." I'll get all that posted this evening.

Thx for the tip! ~D

Kimber said...

Hey, those recipes look delicious. Chili Lime Corn? Sign me up!