Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to make a Guy Fieri Halloween costume

Ok! Halloween is just around the corner, and I've received several requests for Guy Fieri costumes. Sadly, I've found none online - entrepreneurs, there's a market here!

But you can piece together a costume relatively easily. Let's start with the hair. has the blond spiky hair attached to a visor hat. Now, I've never seen Guy wear a visor (a do-rag, yes. Visor, no). But it's a relatively cheap way to get the hair look.

Or, you can go with a blond spiky wig - plenty to be found online, though they may take a snip of the scissors and a bit of J. Beverly Hills hair wax. Haha.

A third alternative, cut your hair, bleach it, and spike it with the aforementioned J. Beverly Hills hair wax!

Now, on to clothing.

First you'll need a shirt. Guy frequently wears CubaVera brand shirts, a terrific purchase if you don't own one already; they average around $55. But just for a costume, it might be worth checking out your local bowling alley for a panel camp shirt.

No bowling alley in town? Ok, try Daddy-O's shirts, in the $40 range or this one pictured at right, on sale for $29.

Guy Fieri's shorts? Dickies. End of story.

And flip flops.

So now you have the hair and the clothes, on to accessories. And if there's any man around who does accessories, it's Guy Fieri.


You'll need at least two rings; better make it three; make sure one is a pinky ring. You'll need a gold chain necklace, hoop earrings, a big watch (go with the Doxa), a leather studded arm band might be a nice touch, ankle bracelet would be a nice touch too and a sweatband for your arm.

The goatee and mustache is totally up to you. I haven't seen any similar configurations online, so I can only wish you luck with that.

Pick up a pair of sports sunglasses, and your costume is complete!

Before and After picture

Ok, ok. A mistress of Photoshop, I am not. But not bad either, eh? Haha.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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topher said...

this is hilarious! way to go Dora

Mr. Red said...

Ya Dora, I say these hats at the Nugget Rib Cook Off in Sparks Nevada last month. I thought to myself "That is funny, its a Guy Hat". Smart thinking.