Monday, September 7, 2009

Updates on the NYC Wine & Food Festival

Recently, the Metromix New York asked Guy Fieri a few questions about the upcoming 2nd annual New York City Wine & Food Festival.
Having attended last year's NYC Wine & Food Festival, what can people expect?

"It's everything from wine tastings and pairings to demos and late-night parties. I went to the Burger Bash last year, where Katie Lee took it all."

What are you going to serve at Chelsea After Dark?

"It could be anything from Italian-Mexican fusion to some crazy pasta choices to some finger food. We really haven't come up with the menu. But if you are the guy who is going to kick off the New York Wine and Food Fest, you better bring your guns. And when I say bring the guns, I don't mean those kind of guns. You can't start the Super Bowl without fireworks."

Let's focus on one dish that you could see yourself making?

"You go to these events and often don't get enough substance. I'm a big pasta fan, so I think the chipotle penne pasta with shrimp and Louisiana hot links could work. Something in the spicy, creamy, fusion category. That would go over well!"

I just checked ticket availability today.

The $280 Guy Fieri Package is SOLD OUT.
The $95 Chelsea Market After Dark, presented by the Food Network, hosted by Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee is SOLD OUT.
The $35 Culinary Demonstrations hosted by Guy Fieri are SOLD OUT.

The Book Signings at the Norwegian Cruise Line Welcome Center (Saturday) are complimentary, but only available to those who have tickets to at least one of the Festival's events. Guy Fieri is scheduled to sign books at 6:00 p.m. More book signing info here.

Find out more at But if you're looking for alternative ways to attend, here are a few creative ideas.

The Jorge Posada 8th Annual Heroes for Hope Auction
Be a VIP at the 2009 Food Network NY Wine & Food Festival! Includes Airfare & 4 Nights Hotel. More information here -

Volunteer for Food Bank For New York
Do you live in New York or nearby? Volunteer for the festival here - Food Bank For New York

Pringles' Sweepstakes
Pringles is sponsoring a sweepstakes. It's easy to enter online here -

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