Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guy Fieri impersonations abound

By the sounds of it, everyone enjoyed Saturday Night Live's spoof on the Food Network's Guy Fieri, with Bobby Moynihan's "Liquid Queso!" Haha, that part cracked me up.

See SNL's spoof on Guy Fieri video clip here

But when guys go around pretending to be Guy, it isn't so funny.

Like chitknit said, "Oh, Faux Guy Fieri...why are you visiting random suburban KC sites and telling people you're the real GF? Dumb teens believed this weirdo."

This is the guy at left, who was interviewed at the Kansas City Royals game last summer, who worked a BBQ competition in Kansas City also, and insinuated to the owners of Cookees Drive-in in Pleasanton, Kansas that he was the host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Employees had their pictures taken with him ... and one can only wonder if that ice cream cone was comp'd to this impostor, hmm?

And recently, he tried to pass himself off as Guy Fieri on a night out in Kansas City.

Or this guy pictured at right in Las Vegas. I'm told by anonymous tip that the Las Vegas fake is the same as the Seattle fake. Who knows ... and really, who cares. A fake is a fake.

Gabby, she wrote relates a "very awkward story" of meeting this guy at The Killers after-party in Vegas. I mean, c'mon. What's so funny about making people feel like shmucks, huh? It feels good to make perfectly nice people feel "like half of an asshole?"

Well you guys, you're on notice. We're on to you, and word is getting out to tens of thousands of Guy Fieri fans and hundreds of thousands of Twitter, Myspace and Facebook users. Nobody's laughing.

You think Guy Fieri's people (agents, rep's, friends and family) don't read this blog? They do, guys. They do. Haha, were I you, I wouldn't mess with a Guy who goes by the name Guido. Ya hear what I'm sayin'?

Impostors, impersonators, fakers. Guy has his own life, now it's time for you to live your own. If you don't have one already, get one!


End of rant.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this one Dora. Sad that some people try to imitate Guy, and make jerks out of themselves in the process. Hope your having a good weekend!

Dora said...

Hello Buckykatt! Long time no comment! Haha. How nice to see you again.

Yes, I can understand how exciting it must be to be mistaken for someone famous, to be treated as if you're special. The sad part in these stories is the real disappointment from regular folks who realize they've been duped.

Having a fine weekend, thank you. I trust you have too? Til next time, ~D

Bets said...

I was with chitknit when we saw Faux Fieri. It was almost embarrassing. He went to our favorite pizza place, but didn't eat & left soon after. Then we ran into him at the movie theater across the street. He didn't buy a ticket or go in. He just talked to those teenagers and then left. In his big white, stalker, van.
Why does he insist on "making appearances" all over town? KC ... start calling him on his bad impression!
Strange, indeed!