Monday, August 3, 2009

The Seattle Guy Fieri Impostor

Yup, I was right. There's a Guy Fieri impostor in Seattle too. I first became suspicious of a Seattle Guy Fieri Impostor from some Twitter posts, with Guy Fieri sightings at various Seattle and Tacoma nightclubs and bars on nights when news agencies reported Guy was clear across the country. Well, here's photo proof of it, eh?

Grr. How annoying.

When reporting about Seattle's SeaFair boat races, the Kitsap Sun wrote that "Food Network personality Guy Fieri made an appearance at the pits, walking around in an Oh Boy! Oberto shirt. He said he has a friend in Olympia who picked up pit passes." Only that can't be, because on the day of SeaFair in Seattle, Washington, Guy Fieri was in Atlantic City.

More Seattle Guy Fieri Impostor pictures here.

And roughly 2:30 minutes into this KISW YouTube video, the Fake Guy Fieri asks the host, "Are you the real Ted Smith?" Haha.

Guy Fieri impersonator on Twitter,

To view all of the restaurants Guy Fieri has visited on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in the Seattle - Tacoma area, click here.

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Meissa2112 said...


I heard it on the Mensroom today, and couldn't help but laugh so hard, and of course I just had to look it up to see if there were any pics...and here I am!!!


Jeppy said...

I'm sorry but that dude does not look like Guy at all. His nose is frickin HUGE and he has a really fat wide head. Guy also would not let his hair go like that. I can not believe anyone would believe it was him.

lil.dee said...

As soon as I saw this pic, I could tell it isn't Guy. He's way off the mark!! He doesn't have the tattoos where they should be and this dude has a honker!!! Besides, Guy is hot and this "guy" is definitely not!!!