Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guy Fieri shoots Season 7 of Guy's Big Bite

So I'm relatively new to Twitter (you can follow me, if you'd like), but over the past two weeks or so, I'm finding it an interesting (and in many ways scary) source of information.

I hadn't known that Guy Fieri was scheduled to shoot the 7th season of Guy's Big Bite at the Food Network Studios in Chelsea Market, New York City, until I read his Tweet:

7:35 AM Aug 20th - ChefGuyFieri - "... off to nyc for GBB"

Which is all well and good. So the next morning I climbed around the internet to find some more information, and found:

7:22 AM Aug 21st - jackigarfinkel - "guy fieri just tried to walk undetected thru chelsea market. i think he forgot what his hair looks like."

Which is also well and good! And we all now know what time Guy has to show up for work in the morning. Later the same day, I found:

4:20 PM Aug 21st - angmoore - "Loved seeing Guy Fieri on set today. Holy energy!"

Great! So now we know (or at least can conjecture) what time a day's shoot ends at the studios. Then this morning, Sunday, August 23, 2009

ChefGuyFieri - "In nyc shootin gbb, off today, havin lunch with anne burrell in china town at my fav potsticker joint nice green bo. U gotta check it out!"

... and instantly, over 14,000 Twitter followers know where Guy and Anne ate lunch,

Nice Green Bo Restaurant (no website)
66 Bayard St., New York, NY 10013
(212) 625-2359

which has 4 stars on Yelp. Ok! Then just six hours later:

kc2dpt - "I met food network stars Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell today. Nice people."

And now you know where kc2dpt was today for lunch.

Interesting, yes. And yes, a great source of information. Too much information, I wonder? Now don't get me wrong - I love the Internet, access to news happening all over the country, all over the world. And I'm enjoying Twitter; it's been nice to connect with other fans in that medium, and I'm glad Guy sends out tweets now and then too.

But as I was piecing this post together, I was struck by the fact that a person's daily comings and goings can be so instantaneously documented. Doesn't this seem just a bit ... oh ... like a stalker's wet dream? *shudders*

Let's move forward and talk about Guy's Big Bite.

I have come to know many of Guy Fieri's fans over the past few months. This blog is read by thousands of people each week; dozens of them write to me with questions and comments on various topics. I've learned that FN Humor is wrong: there are NOT two kinds of people in the world, there are many - many kinds of Guy Fieri fans, too.

Certainly Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is Guy's most popular show. Some love the food, love the spotlight on independently owned and operated restaurants, but do not love the host; others love the host but not the food, others both and every imaginable combination.

Fans of Ultimate Recipe Showdown seem to love the show, regardless of the host. In my private conversations with past contestants of that show, to a LAST, they loved Guy and his ability to put them at ease.

But I think it's the fans of Guy's Big Bite with whom I connect the most - it's the show that inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen, to get out those dusty bottles of spices from the cupboard, to use more onions, garlic and peppers, and yes, to use more booze in my food!

Critics may say that Guy's food is just bar food - and I'll get on no high horse to argue. The point is, it's good food. It's tasty! And the recipes from that show are crowd pleasers, raves from everyone on every one I've made and shared with friends and family.

Guy's Big Bite is much more about the man's food; he likes to cook, and he's good at it.

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