Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guy Fieri - tailgating with Raider Nation

Guy Fieri spent the weekend hosting former NFL quarterbacks Ken Stabler (pictured at right) and Vince Ferragamo at his home over the weekend, and was scolded by his wife when the QBs took turns drawing up plays on his kitchen wall. (source)

"They (diagrammed and) drew their most famous, game-winning plays on my kitchen wall," Fieri said. "My wife even asked me, how come every time a friend of yours comes over, they're drawing on my wall?" (source)

According to Guy Fieri's Twitter, he was in Oakland, CA, at the Oakland Coliseum "shooting DDD at Raiders mon nite game. 3 diff restaurants doin tailgating, gonna be a killer show," and later said it should air in 2 months.

*Update* This episode of Triple D goes Tailgatin' premieres January 25, 2010. Click here for YouTube video clips, future air dates and times. Recipes have yet to be released by the Food Network.

Raiders fan and tailgater The Sveed snapped this pic:

And BiancaTai snapped this one:

Rapper and movie star Ice Cube was at the game too, filming a documentary tentatively called “Straight Outta Los Angeles,” exploring the interconnections between the Raiders and gangsta-rap culture in L.A.

And a Raiders fan posted, "Ice Cube and Guy Fieri are chatting on the Raiders sideline as the Raiders get ready to battle the Chargers." (source)

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More on Triple D Goes Tailgatin’.

*update* Guy Fieri will tailgate with the Raiders again in 2010, this time for a special show, Tailgate Warriors. Click here for more information.

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Anonymous said...

I was there bro Yeah!!!!

JaymeM said...

Hell yea, i was there too. and i am still craving that burger. "the snake" is the man.

Cheesy said...

Oh man I want that chicken-waffle recipe!

Dora said...

Cheesy, I know what you mean! Food Network has been irritatingly slow about getting recipes posted from recent episodes. They are my sole source for recipes. So, I just hang tight ... and wait ....