Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frequently asked trivia questions about Guy Fieri

I've been running this blog off and on since December of 2008. And in that time, I've received many (many, Many, MANY) trivia questions about Guy Fieri from other fans. Sorry, but I have to admit I don't know the man personally - I only know what I've read in other interviews. So if no one from the media asks nor writes about it, I don't know about it either.

In an effort to settle some of the most burning (even if they are trivial) questions about Guy Fieri, I contacted his p.r. firm and had a few personal questions answered by Guy, directly, himself, by email.

Thank you Guy! And thank you to all the folks at the Food Network and the Brooks Agency who helped me pull this together.


Question: Why does Guy pronounce Fieri as "Fieddi" or "Fietti?" Is the r supposed to be rolled?

Answer: How to pronounce Fieri - the ERI in Italian is rolled, that is why it sounds that way.

My comment: This was one of my burning questions. Many Americans have difficulty rolling their r's, and the best approximation we can make is to substitute a "d-" or soft "t-" sound for the rolled "r". Spanish, Italian and Russian speakers have the same (or similar) sound in their languages. Mystery solved. Fierrrrrrri!

Question: Where does Guy get the bowling shirts he wears on his shows? People are looking for the brand, label and where to buy.

Answer: Cubavera is the main brand, but starting to wear a lot of Fender stuff now... Yeah Fender like the guitar, sweet stuff.

My comment: Here's Cubavera's website -, and the styles I've seen Guy wear most on his shows can be found under the Casual Shirts section. There are many retail stores that carry this brand also.

Here's Fender's Clothing line - I should think the Short Sleeve Tees section looks the most, uh, shall we say, Guy-ish. But enjoy shopping on the whole site. The line does look pretty sweet. haha

Question: Where does Guy get his sunglasses? Again, brand names, please.

Answer: I have about 80 pair of shades. Gatorz is one of my fav's; Liquid is another. Von Zippers are makin' a big presence now, but I have all kinds of brands.

My comment: Here's Gatorz website - To buy Guy Fieri's signature line of Gatorz sunglasses, click here. And here's Liquid's website -, and to shop online, view Liquid's collection here.

Von Zipper is international; visit their North American website at or view their online collection here.

Question: Guy's watches too.

Answer: Watches, Serket is so kewl. Doxa: check out my web site soon for more info on the brand. Also really like Fender, Breitling, Rolex, and Nixon.

My comment: Here are some websites. Serket -, Doxa - Fender - unable to find a website (do a search; many outlet sites sell Fender watches), Breitling - (which almost made my computer crash. grr), Rolex -, and Nixon - And yes, we'll keep an eye on for more.

Question: Is Guy a Freemason? He sometimes wears a ring with a Freemason symbol on it.

Answer: I'm not a Freemason. The ring was actually my grandfather’s, but I'm not sure if he was a Freemason either.

My comment: Of course, now everyone's going to want to know WHICH grandfather, ... she says with a laugh ....

Question: Is Guy Italian on his mother's side or on his father's side?

Answer: My dad is Italian, and my mom Irish

My comment: I knew that! (she gloats) See my blog comment. But it's nice to have it settled once and for all.

And the most recent question (it's Guy's fault that I have to ask; he sent a twitter out about it to some 6500 followers, with follow-up tweets to over 15,000 followers)

Question: What are the tour dates and cities for the Knuckle Sandwich Tour?

Answer: We aren't ready to release information yet, but keep checking my website for info on the Knuckle Sandwich Road Show. My rock n' roll cooking and tour will run coast to coast in November and December.... Oh it is gonna be sooooo off da hook!

My comment: Well, a few venues have already leaked the information. But we all wait with baited breath for the formal announcement. Soon.

Guy's comment: Hope you all find this informative, thanks for watchin' the show, keep cookin

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Anonymous said...


I would love to know why he does not wear a wedding ring.

eddie said...

i want to know why i cant wait to watch guy on speed network ...doing a car show EATS dos and donts a perfect world..we would have him up agaist opra...if hes reading this?
i got a great name for a diner and an extensive simple but amazing menu for a theme style diner.i'm aat (

ELeoRo said...

Where are the cool Blue sunglasses and the Shiny Elvis looking ones from. I see those sites but need help

Anonymous said...

It is very helpful!