Friday, September 25, 2009

New merchandise added to Guy Fieri's website

The folks at just added a new set of Kulinary designs, and soon they will offer Guy Fieri signature Gatorz sunglasses and Doxa watches. To buy Guy Fieri's signature line of Gatorz sunglasses, click here.

Keep an eye on Guy's store at

And recently, Guy Fieri sent a newsletter out to his fans - a first, as far as I know. You can join the mailing list by clicking here.

In it, Guy says, "The Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Knife is kickin' it!" And, continues with some background on how and why he chose to work with Ergo Chef, and that the knives "blend the best materials with a rockin' design."

Under the heading "We're drivin' NASCAR!," Guy wrote, "We are cooking up something hot for the upcoming races ... we are designing new graphics for the car that should jump outta the TV screen!"

Guy announced his participation in the upcoming Metropolitan Cooking Show: "MCES gave me a discount code for my fans so that you can save 15% off tickets to my show in the Celebrity Theater. All you have to do is visit to purchase your tickets and then type in the promo code BIGBITE.

But make sure you click the gray 'verify promotion code' box to apply the discount. You better hurry up and get your tickets today though, cause this promo only lasts until midnight on October 9th."

In addition to the new merchandise available on, Guy wrote that they offer "my signature Gatorz sunglasses, Doxa watches, and ... soon you can pre-order my new book before the rest of the WORLD!!!" I haven't found links to Gatorz sunglasses nor Doxa watches, so my only suggestion is to keep checking back.

The Guy Fieri Signature Gatorz sunglasses can be found on

On a related note, several fans of Guy Fieri have written in asking where to find the photographs taken of them and Guy at the book signing in Verona, New York's Turning Stone Casino. Click here to find the photographs taken of you and Guy Fieri at the event.

The newsletter ended with a shoutout to Kleetus' blog and a link to the upcoming Knuckle Sandwich - Guy Fieri Roadshow.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting re the Gatorz sunglasses, although the guys at said that only a single pair were made as a one off, so it will be interesting to see if they come out!

Dora said...

Anon 11:45, agreed! I remember reading about that one off several months ago, then nothing after that until recently.

The newsletter (referenced in the post above) from implied that the Gatorz and Doxa watches were already available through Guy's website, and Guy said in an email to me to keep watching out for more info on Doxa watches. Yet they still aren't there.

We'll keep looking though, eh? Patience is a virtue ....