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Fan questions - December 2010

Recently I added a new page to this blog, Have a Question? At the end of each month, I'll share what fans are asking and what answers I could find for them.

Ray, Florida wrote: "Did Guy Fieri drive anything other than the Camaro on early episodes of DDD? (my wife and I have a bet)"

Our answer: "Hi Ray! He sure did. You can see Guy driving a dark blue '66 Mustang in the first season,, at The Beacon Drive-in, in South Carolina and also here,, at The Bayway Diner in Linden, NJ. So who wins the bet? :)"

Ray's reply: ")-: My wife wins the bet. I have watched (thought I did) every episode and I could have sworn (falsely) that he only drove the Camaro. Oh well, my wife needs to win sometimes (actually, she wins too often). Thank you very much for your quick response! Kind regards, Ray"

Ray and his wife have inspired me to do a bit of further research, listing all the cars that have appeared on the show. Certainly the '67 Camaro and the 'Stang, but Guy's Shelby Cobra has also made a cameo on the show, and of course there was the "Woody" in the Hawaii episodes. We'll do further research and see what we can come up with. Thanks Ray!


kesh, Hyderabad India wrote: "Hi. I am from Hyderabad, India .. Recently your show telecasted on our TV .. Really imressed with your show .. Just want to know what are all the other areas you have the skills I mean your shows gets telecasted and where can I see that online ..?"

Our answer: "Hello Kesh! How nice to get messages from readers outside the U.S.! Thank you for writing in, and I hope I'm answering the question you asked. I'm not sure if there are limitations in viewing videos in other countries, so you'll have to let us know if these links work for you.

"Try NBC's Minute to Win It video page here, or Hulu's Minute to Win It show page here. I have yet to find full episodes on YouTube, but there are several clips there, found simply by searching "Minute to Win It." Please let me know if these worked for you or if you have more questions. Keep in touch!"

Kesh's reply: "Thank you for a quick reply .. I am enjoying the episodes online with the given links.. Onemore request , I have seen the T-Shirts "Minute to Win IT "online . Can you provide me one piece please .. if possible .. I really liked that ,, Please let me know ..Thanks & Regards"

Our reply: "Hi Kesh, We don't have the shirts. But I found Minute To Win It Logo Unisex T-Shirt, $25.00 USD at


Guadalupe of Oroville, CA wrote: "How do I nominate a dive for Guy to try?"

Our answer: "Hi Guadalupe, Thanks for writing in! To make suggestions, submit your favorite dive directly to Page Productions or email them at Best of luck!


Irene, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada wrote: "I was watching an episode of DDD and Guy and another fellow were making chicken and dumplings. The dumplings were a bit different. The dumplings were made like a biscuit, rolled thin, cut into squares with lots of flour on them and then dropped into the simmering broth the chicken was cooked in. This was not the Nob Hill Episode (I looked at the recipe and did not even seem close). Could you track down the dumpling recipe for me or send me in the right direction to get it. thank you, Irene"

Our answer: "Hi Irene! Oh ... I think I may know the one you're thinking of. I'm afraid that one was Earl's Drive-in in Chaffee, NY? If so, no recipe, and no Youtube video that I've found (yet) of that episode.

"However, Dish in North Carolina was also featured for their chicken and dumplings. Would you care to check out this video and see if it was the episode you saw? Let us know! In the mean time, will do a bit more research to see what I can turn up. :)"

Irene's reply: "Thank you for you prompt response. I took a look at this video and the recipe looks similiar to Earls Drive-In, so I will go from there. I now know what they are called 'Southern Biscuits' and will search out a recipe I like on the web. You have been a great help, thanks again."


Teresa, Woodson Terrace, MO wrote: "We have an 8 year old grand daughter that is just crazy about Guy, she watches anything and everything that he is in and has the first 3 seasons of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that she has just about woorn out. How could we get an autograhped photo of Guy for her if possible?"

Our answer: "Hi Teresa! I think I can help with that. :) For an autographed photo of Guy Fieri, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough for an 6"x9" photo to:

Guy Fieri
Knuckle Sandwich, LLC
575 W. College Ave., Suite 202
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

"More often than not, it is Guy's wife, Lori, who takes care of the fan mail. She (or someone at the Knuckle Sandwich office) will get a photo out to you just as soon as possible. It may not get there for Christmas, allow a few weeks. But it'll get there. Keep in touch! And let us know what your grand daughter says when she receives it! "


Sue, Washington DC wrote: "I am in need of your excellent help to find the perfect Xmas gift. I love to have my boyfriend cook for me and as a Peruvian, he likes to use a lot of fresh lime juice. Recently he bought a hand held citrus press and wouldn't you know it broke after a few uses! So today we were looking at Guy make some Tailgate Appetizers and I saw the PERFECT gift for my boyfriend -- the citrus press used by Guy. Please help me be a good Santa and find out where I can purchase one. Thanks so much!"

Our answer: "Hello Sue! I hope I can help. :) Guy uses citrus squeezers by Amco on Guy's Big Bite. You can click here to find them on the Food Network's online store. But if you Google "citrus squeezer" there a ton of options from several online stores. Guy uses the enameled heavy cast aluminum ones (color coded, green is small, yellow is medium and orange is large). I've also heard good reviews about Oxo's Good Grips citrus squeezer. Prices range from $10 - $20 each.

"Follow this link, or visit, search the "Home, Garden & Pets" Department and type in "citrus squeezer" into the search box. Plenty there for you to look through. Or search at your own favorite online store or local kitchen gadget store. Let us know what you find! And thanks for writing in."


Diane Tallahassee, Fl wrote: "Hello, I was soooo disappointed that the 3D's wasn't on at the usual time last night 12-13 at 10pm ET. Could you tell me why? It is my FAVORITE program & it wasn't on till midnight ET. Thanks so much, Diane"

Our answer: "The Food Network has changed their entire prime time schedule this week. The pro: a bunch of episodes of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives are playing all week. The con: the schedule is all screwy. On 12/13, DDD was on for two hours, starting at 8:00 p.m. ET. So if you tuned in at 10, you just missed 'em! Argh! I know. :) But they'll repeat.

"Visit this page, Prime Time Guy All Week on Food Network, for all of the week's Guy Fieri programming. And starting on Monday, 12/20, it appears that Diners, Drive-ins and Dives will be back to its regular schedule, Mondays at 10, Fridays at 9 and Sundays at 3.

"You may also be interested in this page, More on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, or in my Fans of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives blog, where I keep track of all the episode air dates and times. Hope that helps!"


Stephanie wrote: "could I please get the recipe for slamma jamma parmigiana served over penne,cchop chop salad"

Our answer: "Hi Stephanie, Thanks for writing. It is hard to find the recipes one wants, isnt' it! The episode of Guy's Big Bite you're looking for is Hungry, Hungry Hunter, and it aired recently on December 10th. All the recipe links are on the episode page, including a video of Guy and Hunter making their Chicken Parmesan. :) Enjoy! And if you make the dishes, let us know how they turn out!"


More Questions and Answers to come in a couple weeks. Happy New Year!


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