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"Minute to Win It" merchandise

Bring the hit game show home and experience the excitement of beating the clock like never before. Order it today and see if you only need a Minute to Win It!
Minute To Win It Board Game
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Can you complete this challenge and prove that you've got what it takes to win it in a minute?
Minute To Win It Card Game
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Available now. Minute to Win It on Wii and Nintendo DS - click here for more information. Release Date: November 2, 2010.

Download "Minute to Win It" Games and Play At Home
NBC has provided the rules and supplies for fans and event organizers to play the Minute to Win It games at home. Games, rules and list of materials to play all the games are provided.

To view or download the 2010 Summer Activity Guide, click here, or the 2010 Holiday Activity Guide, click here.

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Live studio audience tickets - standingroomonly.tv

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"Minute to Win It" Music
The Minute to Win It theme song is "Get Up" by Stephen Wrabel, produced by Eve Nelson. Available on iTunes, for $0.99. Click here.

This site, http://freedownloadscenter.com/terms/music-for-minute-to-win-it/it.html, has more "Minute to Win It" music. Check there if the tune you want isn't listed above.

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