Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guy Fieri in recent news, December 2010

Every so often, tidbits of Guy Fieri-related news and interviews don't make it into our regular posts. Today seems like a good day to play catch-up.

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Lee Schrager, founder and mastermind behind the South Beach and New York City Food and Wine Festivals. Excerpt:

But the secret of his success as a festival organizer might be the patience and attention he lavishes on the stars.

Festival veteran and Food Network star Guy Fieri recalled the time he asked Schrager if he could make pancakes out of organic batter and coloring and bring kids out of the stands to a buffet of toppings. Schrager responded: "OK Guy, that sounds interesting." More recently, Fieri asked that 10 KitchenAid mixers be tricked out like hot rods for auction.

"Even when I throw out, 'OK Lee, so I want to cook on the moon and everybody gets to fly the space shuttle.' 'OK Guy, that sounds interesting,'" Fieri said with a laugh.

Those KitchenAid mixers, together with $4 million in ticket sales, raise over $2 million each year for the Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Southern Wine & Spirits Beverage Management Center.

Click here for the full story.


Last week, Guy Fieri took time from his busy schedule to talk with Mancow.

Click here to listen.


Ok, this is actually REALLY, really old news. But somehow, it just never made it to the blog ....

Do you have a teacher who inspired or mentored you? Guy does. Check out TeachersCount, and read about his middle school history teacher, Fran Moriarty Fischer, who taught him how to harness his energy, the secret ingredient for his success. "She could do it all: inspire, educate and mentor" - Guy Fieri

Visit www.teacherscount.org/campaign to read more on "Behind Every Famous Person Is a Fabulous Teacher."


And Johnny Garlic's, co-owned by Guy Fieri and Steve Gruber, will open their 4th location in Dublin, CA. The expansion project is set for a March 2011 opening.

Diablomag.com writes, "Johnny Garlic's menu is packed with a variety of comfort food favorite like Tri Tip Dip sandwich, Fire-Roasted Quesadilla, Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and Pesto Goat Cheese Pizza."

AroundDublinBlog.com adds, "Johnny Garlic’s General Manager Neil McDowell said that Guy and the entire Johnny Garlic’s family is 'excited about opening in Dublin.'"


Anonymous said...

What about Tex Wasabi's in Santa Rosa?

Dora said...

Last I heard about the Santa Rosa Tex Wasabi's, they were having difficulties with meeting building codes for proposed remodels, after the water main blew, followed by problems with the sewer line. Steve Gruber, Guy Fieri's restaurant partner, made a statement to the Press Democrat back in March 2010. Click here to read.

john said...

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Dora said...

Update: I just got a note that Tex Wasabis in Santa Rosa is now under construction; "look for us to open in Spring 2011!"

peter said...

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