Monday, December 13, 2010

More on "Minute to Win It" holiday episodes

On Monday, December 6th, Guy Fieri set up a satellite feed from Johnny Garlic's in Windsor, CA, to do "Minute to Win It" interviews with various news agencies around the country, promoting NBC's holiday-themed episodes of the "life changing" game show.

The first of the three episodes aired last week on Tuesday, December 7th with a repeat on Friday the 10th. The second airs tomorrow, Tuesday, December 14, 2010 and also repeats on Friday the 17th. The last of the three is scheduled to air on December 21st.

Pop Culture Passionistas has uploaded four snippets of their interview time on YouTube.

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or click here to read their article from the interview.

The show has performed well for NBC in the Nielsen ratings; almost 7 million viewers tuned in on December 7th, and almost 5 million tuned in to the repeat on December 10th. More importantly, "Minute to Win It" tied for for the lead in the all-important 18-49 demographic on the 10th.

Like many game shows and most reality shows, "Minute to Win It" is rated TV-PG; it may be unsuitable for younger children, under age 10, without the guidance of a parent. Many parents watch "Minute to Win It" with their younger children, and the show has been criticized for its suggestive costuming, camera angles and the humorous names for the games.

Click here to meet The Game Guru, one of the wizards responsible for thinking up these games for the show.

But as much as we are fans of Guy Fieri, truly, the games are the star of the show. Elementary and secondary schools all over the country (and the world) have "Minute to Win It" events; colleges, bars, radio stations and companies use the games at their get-togethers and many a birthday party has had a "Minute to Win It" theme this year.

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