Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guy Fieri cooks for AFLAC

Ok readers, this one took me by surprise. Hadn't heard ANYthing about this until it happened. But apparently, Guy Fieri flew from his Triple D shoot in Indianapolis to Nashville, TN, to cook dinner and make drinks for AFLAC managers at or near the Opryland Hotel on Friday, December 10, 2010.

This is Guy's third trip to Nashville this year: first for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, next for a cooking demo at the Grand Reopening of the Gayloard Opryland Hotel, and now ... AFLAC!

@CareerBoosters provided the photos, tweeting, "Guy Fieri just served us sexy sangria."

Stephen wrote, "Guy Fieri cooking for AFLAC food is Great," Paul wrote, "Laughing my crack off as Guy Fieri cooks us dinner. Too cool!"

Ken wrote, "Listening to Guy Fieri speak!!! The dude is cool! and Nicholas wrote, "Newt Gingrich in the morning and now Guy Fieri making us dinner and drinks! I love this job."

Before the dinner event, Guy spent some time at the Farmer's Market in Nashville, hard-hit by the May floods, dropping by Jamaicaway Catering and Restaurant to offer is support during their tumultuous times. More on that story here.

Guy was also sighted noshing at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, and he was sighted at Robert's Western World after dinner.

In other fans of Guy Fieri news, Roz Petalz Studio sent some "Chili Pepper" pendants to Guy Fieri. "I've never gotten a thank you before from any celebrity I've sent things too. Guy is too kewl."

And Danny Hendricks sent off about 4 weeks ago for a special autograph for his sweetie and wrote, "I also got and autograph from Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive Ins and Dives) and famous Chef. SWEET ! !" We think that's pretty sweet too.

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