Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A spoon for Guy Fieri

Jeff, from Waukegan, IL, a mechanical designer by trade, "but I would much rather be home designing and making my own ideas," writes from his profile on LumberJocks.com.

In his own words:
This is one of those projects that was just fun to do from the start. The spoon was designed and crafted for Guy Fieri. I have always liked watching his shows and thought it would be cool to make him his own personalized wooden spoon.... I had a blast designing, carving and wood burning the spoon. It started life as a 3” x 3” x 16” piece of hard maple. After some intricate compound cuts on a bandsaw the carving began. It was finished with three soakings of mineral oil while being wet sanded with 400 grit sand paper.... it felt like velvet in your hands.

*View more images of the spoon at http://lumberjocks.com*

I shipped it off to his company “Knuckle Sandwich” two weeks ago and this Friday I received a hand written thank you letter from Guy himself…awesome! I was pretty blown away. I want to thank Lori [Guy's wife ~D] at Knuckle Sandwich for taking the time and helping with all of this. Great company full of very nice people. This letter is definitely going to be framed!
-- Jeff , Illinois

*Guy's note to Jeff*

Here are just a few of Jeff's other projects. Brilliant craftsmanship and artful design.

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