Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fans give back and connect with Guy Fieri

It's been said that Guy Fieri is perhaps the most accessible of all Food Network stars, hosts and chefs; I don't know enough about the other Food Network personalities to say. But I do know that fans are eager to meet him, and they frequently offer a token gift of appreciation and thanks for his shows, lifestyle and/or charitable works.

Carlos Lovato, of Sinners-Inc, presented Guy Fieri with a 12:1 piston ring at a book signing in June, 2009, during the Great American Food & Music Fest. Guy was so taken with the ring, that he's been seen wearing it at almost every public appearance, and on the majority of the shows he's taped and produced since that time.

In preparation for the Guy Fieri Road Show, and in appreciation for the invaluable national exposure of their jewelry, Sinners-Inc made exclusive custom piston rings with the Kulinary Gangsta logo for Guy Fieri and his "Kulinary Krew," right-hand man Kleetus and left-hand man Dirty.

Four rings were produced; one of those four is as yet unspoken for. Carlos is considering donating the fourth ring (an auction, perhaps?) towards the Friends Raising Funds organization, to support their efforts.

A fifth ring has been ordered for Rich Bacchi, a.k.a. Gorilla, from Gorilla BBQ (BBQ & More DV0510) in Pacifica, CA, who traveled with Guy Fieri on the Road Show. [I wonder what size ring a gorilla wears? :) ~D]

Carlos and his business partner Victor Martino hung out with the Krew and Guy's family in San Jose at the Road Show, December 2009. Carlos said, "it was quite the experience, and Guy is an incredible host."

Guy Fieri and Carlos Lovato

Kleetus, Dirty, Carlos, Guy and Victor

Guy Fieri has long been a fan of baseball (even though we hear more about football and the Oakland Raiders). In Louisville, KY, Guy Fieri was presented with a Louisville Slugger.

Louisville Slugger's very own Danny Luckett and his wife Pattee, giving Guy Fieri a personalized bat when he was in town, December 2009.

Click here to read the MLB's All-Star Game's official program with comments from Guy Fieri.

At a recent Cowboy Mouth concert in San Francisco, CA, welcomingspirit.blogspot.com accidentally stumbled into Guy Fieri and his krew on a night out on the town. She writes, "Guy Fieri got up on stage and played the drums with Fred [LeBlanc]. Guy also danced with the crowd, surrounded by guys in black jackets with "Kulinary Gangsta" written on the back. Awesome. Seriously."

See more pictures from the show.

And as reported before, Foodies Like Us gave back by organizing a Triple D event in Mesa, AZ. Here is a short video with pictures and comments from those who were there.

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Paula said...

Thanks for the mention! Truth be told though, Guy is friends with Cowboy Mouth, and he's their chef. :)

It was a great night!


Dora said...

Well, Guy's schedule doesn't allow him to travel with Cowboy Mouth as their personal 24/7 chef, but they do connect when they can. Fred visited Guy at the Road Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Karl Elvis said...

Carlos' jewelry is so awesome. I'm thrilled to see it on Guy.