Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guy Fieri is looking for tasty meals in Cincinnati

Guy Fieri did an interview with Cincinnati's Kiss107 on February 5, 2010. Click here to listen to the full 25-minute interview. See more information below.

Cincinnati.com is looking for a few great places to eat in Cincinnati, Ohio. Guy Fieri and the film crew for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is scheduled to hit "The Queen City," sometime in March 2010.

In 1835 Cincinnati was the world's major pork processing center. Known at the time as "Porkopolis," herds of pigs traveled the streets. The nickname stuck until 1865 when Chicago took the lead in pork production. Let's hope that Guy Fieri, a self-proclaimed Pal O' Pork, finds some hog heaven there.

If you know of any likely Triple D joints in the Cincy area, send an email to DDDinfo@mac.com or click here to chime in with your suggestions.

This will be DDD's first visit to Cincinnati; however the show has featured restaurants in northern Ohio and a few locations in nearby Kentucky and West Virginia - click here to view all Triple D locations in and around Ohio.

As I look at a national view of the Triple D map, I see a great void in the Rocky Mountain region and the plains states. Readers in Montana, the Dakotas, Wyoming and Colorado, you can send a note to DDDinfo@mac.com with your local suggestions too. Sturgis, South Dakota? Let's get Guy out to the Black Hills in August. Talk about Hog Heaven! Haha.

Two confirmed locations so far:

Blue Ash Chili Restaurant - website
9565 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 984-6107

Terry's Turf Club - Facebook
4618 Eastern Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45226
(513) 533-4222

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