Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guy Fieri and the Aflac Duck

Aflac unveiled a new television commercial called "Spicy." The 30-second ad features the Aflac Duck and Guy Fieri grilling up a new message about Aflac and its products.

"Working with the Aflac Duck to tell America how Aflac pays policyholders fast is enough to make anyone's hair stand up," Fieri joked. "But this commercial has a serious message about how Aflac policies can be a key ingredient to anyone's financial plan."

First, a little behind the scenes:
Aflac | Inside Look at Hair and Makeup for Guy

*Link to video*

By the way, there are several new behind the scenes videos posted at Check 'em out.

"Spicy" is the 51st television commercial starring the Aflac Duck and will air through November 2010. It will debut August 16 on various broadcast and cable television networks.

*Link to video*

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Anonymous said...

Oh! This is the commercial that I watched today on History Channel! And tomorrow (Monday), I'm going to a school play based on this commercial called "Aflac "Spicy" Commercial: Theatre Edition" at the Barton Memorial Building! I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna be the Aflac Duck and our vice principal Mr. Partridge will play Guy Fieri! My classmates are gonna play the people who sit on the table and eat their food! So this is what I call a class play! So, a guest there would say "Have fun!"