Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guy Fieri, at Humbolt County Fair

The Times Standard was on hand to visit with the folks of Ferndale at the Humbolt County Fair, Thursday, August 12, 2010, when Guy Fieri made his appearance. Guy hosted the "In It to Win It" BBQ competition, opening day at the fair.

"As the sun finally cut through the fog draping the Humboldt County Fair, Guy Fieri took center stage on Thursday. The hometown star's appearance in the early afternoon put smiles on the faces of fairgoers, who waited in anticipation to ask questions and shake hands."

Guy Fieri was born in Ohio, but raised in Ferndale. He goes back to visit several times a year.”He never forgets where he came from,” said Adena Bohn, who used to babysit Fieri.

”As you enjoy the fair, please remember that community means everything,” Guy Fieri said. “This is one of the best.”

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Guy Fieri launched his Foundation for Inspiration and Imagination at the fair.

Maditude Adjustment met Guy Fieri the morning before the fair. "He was super cool and said my hats are 'Off da Hook!' ... Guy talked about what it was like to be a young entrepreneur and he didn't make it sound like it's all fun and games. I liked that, because sometimes it is hard work!"

Lori Jones said, "opening day of fair. Lots of people. Guy Fieri was there for the BBQ cookoff. Hopefully the photos I took will turn out. Too many people were in front of me blocking the view. Sampled some of the BBQ and it was great."

Doug Culbert had a fun time at the fair. "Got to see Guy Fieri, which was pretty cool."

And Sarah Annis Ireland had fun at the fair too, "with my beautiful boys today...Guy Fieri signed Connor's cast, the very thing he has been waiting for since the day he got the casts! Thanks, Guy, for making my Boo's wish come true!"

While in town, Guy Fieri partied it up at the Hotel Ivanhoe Restaurant and Saloon on Main Street in Ferndale, CA.

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