Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Cook with Tom" suggests Fieri-Ergo knives

"Cook With Tom" is a recurring segment on ABC 4′s “Good Things Utah” morning news program. Tom recently included Ergo Chef's Guy Fieri line of knives as one of his Gifts for the Kitchen suggestions.

Tom wrote, "Guy Fieri Knives from Ergo Chef: Ergo Chef knives are a result of a classically trained chef that developed carpel tunnel syndrome from frequent knife usage. The Ergo Chef “Guy Fieri” knife combines the beauty of a Japanese knife, the brute strength of a German knife, and the arm saving ergonomics of proper design. The hollow ground blade reduces the amount of stick on your food. Available [in Utah] at Spoons and Spice, Love to Cook, and Dillard’s as well as online at Santoku retails for $55, and paring knife retails for $35"

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Related, Food Network Store curretly has Guy Fieri cutlery on sale, with free shipping on orders over $99.

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