Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fans of Guy Fieri - 2009

I thought the last post of the year should be about the fans.

The most interesting thing about this blog has been all the emails I've received with comments and questions about Guy Fieri and his comings and goings. It was, in large part, due to these emails why I put together Guy Fieri FAQ's, the most popular, looked-at and googled post in this blog.

- What Fans are asking about -
About half of the questions I receive have something to do with Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. People are looking for video clips and recipes from shows that have already aired, and they're looking for more information on local restaurants where Guy has taped, but those segments haven't yet aired. They want to know where Guy has been, what he ate and where he's going to tape next.

- Most popular Triple D cities and states -
Houston, by a wide 3:1 ratio
Buffalo, a distant second
Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois and Arizona follow in search popularity
Speaking of Illinois, The Shanty wins the most-searched single restaurant award for 2009.

- What Guy Fieri wears -
Second to DDD questions, people want to know what Guy Fieri is wearing. Guy's shirts are the most common question. Were I in the marketing business, I'd encourage him to develop a clothing line. Second to shirts, people want to know about his sunglasses, watches and rings. To date, no questions about his socks. Haha.

- Guy's wife, children, family and friends -
The third most popular set of questions relate to Guy's family. Daily, someone is looking for pictures of Lori Fieri. Hunter is a popular search too, followed by Ryder, Guy's sister Morgan and Guy's parents.

- Recipes -
30% of all people who visit this blog are looking for a recipe. The most popular search of 2009? Anything that has to do with Wilson's BBQ.

If I have a goal for this blog in 2010, it will be to document more thoroughly the recipes and episodes of Guy's Big Bite. The popularity of Triple D rubs a little shine off my favorite of Guy's shows.

- Most popular pictures of 2009 -
1. Guy Fieri's garage after DIY's Garage Mahal overhaul - view
2. Guy Fieri holding his baby son, Ryder - view
3. Map of the Guy Fieri Road Show, 2009 - view
4. Guy and Lori Fieri at the Kentucky Derby, 2009 - view

- Where do Guy Fieri fans live? -
95% of this blog's visitors live in the United States
4% are Canadian
and the other 1% live in other countries.

In the United States, Californians are the #1 visitors, with New York and Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania rounding out the top five.

- How many visitors? -
On average, this blog had 16,000 visitors each month in 2009. And my companion blog, Fans of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, had almost 30,000.

Thank you for reading, and continue to write in to me. I so enjoy the friends I've made through this blog. Best to you and yours for a brilliant, safe and successful 2010.


Robster said...


You rock. Thanks for all you do to keep all the fans up to date and return so many messages. Have a great 2010.


Dora said...

Robster, thank you for reading! And for your contributions, also. I expect 2010 will be a wild ride for this blog. I only hope I can keep up. Haha. Best, ~D