Friday, December 18, 2009

Guy Fieri to host Perfect 10 game show on NBC

Food blogs are a-buzz and, quite frankly, in disbelief that Guy Fieri is rumored to host a new game show on NBC. The story started with a post in, confirmed by a tweet from Panini Pete at last night's Guy Fieri Road Show in Los Angeles.

NBC introduces a new family-friendly game show called Perfect 10. Ready to win 1 million dollars?

Perfect 10 has had its name changed to "Minute to Win It." Click here for more recent information on the show.

"Perfect 10" is a competition series featuring 10 deceptively simple games that require savvy contestants to complete under pressure with a prize of $1 million awaiting the winner.

Competitors will face 10 challenges that escalate in level of difficulty. Each game has a 60-second time limit and failure to finish the task on time will eliminate the contestant.

At various points throughout the game, the contestant can walk away with the money earned up to that point, but it'll take nerves of steel to complete all 10 tasks to win the $1 million.

If you are interested in trying out, e-mail NBC's Casting Team at Applicants must be 18 years and older.

Please be sure to include in your e-mail your contact info, city you live in, photos, and a paragraph about yourself.
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SprintDroid Blogger said...

Not really sure how others feel, but this looks like a sellout by Fieri. Everything else he does is food-related and now he's shilling for the lowest-rated network as a game show host? It kind of diminishes his stature as a food person.

Dora said...

SprintDroid, it's an understandable criticism. But if I may offer an alternative view:

After having followed Fieri for just over a year, I've come to find that his "brand," such as it is, is more than food or being a 'food person' - it's a lifestyle, which includes food, yes, but also music, cars, cigars, travel, friends, family, partying ....

Hosting M2WI seems consistent, to me, with shining the spotlight on other people, as DDD showcases locally owned / operated restaurants and Ultimate Recipe Showdown showcases home cooks.

In a recent interview, Guy likened the tasks on M2WI to bar games / challenges. I'm thinking, of any non-food-related show Guy would do, this one is the MOST suited to his lifestyle brand.


SprintDroid Blogger said...

I agree with you to a point... but let's not forget just how Fieri skyrocketed to fame. If it wasn't for his discovery on The Next Food Network Star, chances are we;d never see him either on Food network or any7where else... he'd be running Tex Wasabe's and Johnny Garlic's. Honestly, I HATED Fieri when I first saw him, but he's steadily grown on me. However, there is such a thing as becoming too "promiscuous" (for lack of a better term) in your exposure and I still think that his involvement with non-food enterprises will diminish his credibility in the food world. I'm probably wrong, but time will tell.