Monday, February 22, 2010

More details on "Minute to Win It" with host, Guy Fieri now has a home page for the new Guy Fieri game show, Minute to Win It, with host Guy Fieri. The 2-hour series premiere is Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 7/6c. is still under construction at the time of this writing; new elements are being added frequently. But here's a break down of what they have so far ....

About -
The competitors are shown over 60 games prior to the competition and are encouraged to practice these challenges at home. There are written descriptions of some of the challenges contestants will have to do to win it in a minute: Hanky Panky, Junk in the Trunk, Egg Roll, Bobble Head and Movin' On Up.
Minute to Win It is produced by Universal Media Studios with Friday Television. Craig Plestis, Tim Puntillo (NBC's "Identity"), Mattias Olsson and Jock Millgardh serve as executive producers.
Guy Fieri -
A straight forward bio of Guy Fieri.

The Models -
Photo gallery of the models, Ling and Petra (not their real names), who act as "agents" on the show.

Casting -
Information on how to apply to be a contestant on the show.

Video -
Video clips are available from the first episodes, including four new ones: Bite Me, Hanky Panky, Egg Roll and Face the Cookie, plus the two promo videos released about a week ago, Focus, Skill, Grace and The Path to a Million Dollars. More are being added, so check the site frequently for new commercials, promos and clips of Minute to Win It.

If this commercial for Minute to Win It doesn't get you pumped for the show, then I don't know what will!

Game Blueprints -
Some eighty examples of the games played on Minute to Win It, with more to come, I'm sure

Episode Guide - under construction

Photos -
Photo sets of both the models from the show, Petra and Ling, and of Guy Fieri.

How To Play -
Again, examples of the games played on the show.

Message Boards -
A community discussion board for comments and questions on and about Minute to Win It.

Games -
After watching a brief commercial, visitors can play Minute to Win It-like games. Currently, there is a timed puzzle game. I assume they'll have more up in the next few weeks.

Shop - under construction

And for those of you who use Twitter and Facebook, NBC is on the ball with their social networking too. Here are the links:

Follow on Twitter:
I kind of like the twitter hashtag #m2wi. Think it'll take off?
Become a fan on Facebook:

Interested in being a contestant on Minute to Win It? Visit for information on how to apply to be on the show.

As with all things Fieri-related, initial reactions to Guy's involvement with Minute to Win It are mixed. People who don't like him on the Food Network aren't going to like him on this show either. Many claim that having three shows on the Food Network and now a fourth on NBC is an over-exposure (if there exists such a thing in the entertainment industry). And foodie purists (for lack of a better term?) argue that hosting a game show will reduce Guy Fieri's standing and reputation as a chef.

On the other hand, the gazillions (an AMA-approved, technically correct mathematical term) of people who do enjoy Guy Fieri's enthusiasms and energy on the Food Network, and the many proponents of family-oriented television programing and game shows, are by and large eager to see Minute to Win It succeed.

You ask my opinion? Well, in 60 seconds or less, I humbly predict that M2WI will be extremely successful at first and will run at least a year, more likely two. Then, not unlike Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal, it will fade from prime time to day time and away.

But that's just me. Do I win a million dollars?

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TVManiac27 said...

I saw the promos for this show and I think it's gonna be the best new game show out there. And Guy Fieri is hosting!! So excited for the premiere.

Anonymous said...

Happening at Universal Citywalk on February 26th at 10:30am, Minute To Win It will be there to have people playing the games! Come out to Citywalk for your chance to have your segment aired on Minute To Win It on NBC!

BenHur said...

This show looks like a winner!

Anonymous said...

Looks cool, I wannna try some of the games.

bmd_13 said...

This show look awesome! I saw some of the promos and found them on facebook! I cant wait for the premiere! Here is the facebook link in case anyone is interested:!/minutetowinit?ref=ts

Anonymous said...

Minute to Win It is such a crazy show! I love it!