Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guy Fieri knives benefit food bank, limited time

Ergo Chef and TheBaker.com are teaming up in support of the Chicago Food Depository. For every 50 Guy Fieri "Knuckle Sandwich" knives sold through Baker.com, Ergo Chef will donate one 8-knife block plus one extra knife, and TheBaker.com will donate 5% of profits from all sales to the Chicago Food Depository. I wrote to Doc Kane of TheBaker.com to find out a bit more information.

"It's part of our mission as a company to give a percentage of our profits back to the community," Kane said, "and I thought the Chicago Food Depository was a good match, and a good partner to help out. One of the neat things about the Depository is that they have a program that trains unemployed Chicagoans as Chefs, and while they're training they prepare after school meals for the youth of Chicago."

The Depository is the hub for all the Community Kitchens that help Chicagoans who need food for their families. According to Kane, it's a well-organized program that does a ton of work for the community. "Food Banks are a treasure in this country, and I believe that in this business where we're talking about the pleasures of food and great kitchenware, we need to always remember those who are not as fortunate, and we should always help in any way we can. No one should ever be hungry in this country, I'm a firm believer in that."

Click here to find out more about the Chicago's Community Kitchens.

TheBaker.com was conceptualized almost ten years ago. The site was launched on February 1, 2010. It is an online retail and community site geared toward home and professional bakers and pastry makers. Currently in the "Beta" stage, visitors can count on a new recipe every week from a different bakery in each state. "We've done four already, Connecticut and Delaware are up next and already in the can. We also have tips and tricks, baking videos, and, of course, one new item a week. Items are generally not available on every corner store, unique and worth having!"

The donated 8-knife block plus extra knife will be used by the Depository's kitchens in preparing meals for the Chicago community. "It's an incredible gesture (by Ergo Chef) that will be really useful for the kitchen program they have," Kane commented.

The promotion is set to end February 14, 2010. But if the fund-raising drive is still rolling successfully this week, Kane said, "we're thinking about extending the drive.... We also lowered the shipping to only $1."

TheBaker.com has Guy Fieri's 8-inch Chef Knife on sale for $75.99 and the 5 1/2-inch "Dragon Dagger" Utility Knife on sale for $44.95.

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Doc Kane said...

Thanks for mentioning us, Dora! I'm sure everyone at the Food Depository appreciates your assistance in helping to spread the word, and, of course, we're ever-grateful to ErgoChef and Guy himself for helping us support such a great organization!