Monday, February 8, 2010

Celebrity Chef night at Palapa Joe's, with Guy Fieri

I mentioned in an earlier post, Guy Fieri spent some well-earned vacation time in La Manzanilla, Mexico in late January, 2010. In fact, that's where he celebrated his 42nd birthday, with friends and family.

For the third year in a row, Guy was celebrity chef at Palapa Joe’s restaurant in La Manzanilla. His January 26, 2010 fund-raising dinner featured "Asian cuisine that sated and delighted diners lucky enough to get a reservation," according to the Guadalajara Reporter.

Palapa Joe's started by getting the word out on January 12, "Guy's coming to town pretty soon...."

And on Guy's birthday, January 22, they threw "quite a birthday party for our friend Guy Fieri....lots of fun. ...Guy Fieri cooks Tuesday."

Guy Fieri’s Chef Night at Palapa Joe's has become so popular, the Guadalajara Reporter wrote, "two seatings were required to feed everyone this year. After 80 reservations, the restaurant had to turn hopefuls away days before the scheduled event. Testament to La Manzanilla’s grapevine, the dinner was not advertised; news spread by word of mouth.

Phew...Guy et al did a great job today....think the final tally was 80 mas o menos. A large contribution is on the way to the kindergarten kitchen project. - Palapa Joe's

Palapa Joe's cooked over 30 kilos of meat to make Guy Fieri's Mongolian Beef and Ginger-Marinated Chicken, served with Hong Kong Noodles and Barbecued-Pork Fried Rice. "And it’s not like one can just hop over to our local Safeway for rice-paper wraps for almost 200 spring rolls in peanut sauce. Fieri creates an event!"

All of Guy Fieri's family was in on the act. Guy's son, Hunter, and his father, Jim Ferry, worked in the kitchen and in the bar, and Guy's mother, Penny Ferry, sold raffle tickets for a copy of More Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and an autographed Ergo Chef’s knife.

Guy Fieri worked the hot woks and "still managed to schmooze with patrons, pose for pictures and sign autographs, never losing his million-dollar smile."

Proceeds from the event benefited the local kindergarden, receiving a substantial donation toward building a kitchen, so all the children are guaranteed at least one nutritious meal each day.

We broke Guy's son Hunter in as a barman - Palapa Joe's

The Fieri family has been visiting La Manzanilla each winter for years and is planning to construct a home there. Jim and Penny Ferry donate a major portion of their time working with an orphanage in Colima.

Palapa Joe's Restaurant, Bar & Bungalows - website
Maria Asuncion # 163
La Manzanilla, Jalisco MX
[011-52] (315) 351-5348
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