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Pictures and more reviews from Guy Fieri Road Show

I've found quite a few collections of photographs from the Guy Fieri Road Show. I'll collect more in the list below as I come across them.

Guy Fieri Roadshow (Nashville) - click here
guy fieri road show [12.11.2009] - click here
joninseattle - click here
2009 Guy Fieri Roadshow in Seattle - click here
twibelly's photostream December 2009 - click here
purplefrogterp's Photostream "fieri" - click here
ceiltich, House of Blues, Las Vegas - click here

Reviews from the Road Show continue to be positive, with only a few disappointed ticket holders, this tweet, forum entry and a personal note from a ticket holder who said Guy was tired. One wonders if 21 shows in 30 days is too ambitious even for someone of Guy's high energy levels? Or perhaps more likely, people just don't know what to expect, and expectations can oftentimes lead to disappointment.

Yet more Guy Fieri Road Show reviews are positive than not. Sfingerhut twittered, "Came to San Jose. Had to leave early because the sound was so horrible where we were sitting. Still huge Triple D fan!" And Rob McCleland, a regular reader of this blog said in part,
"Guy couldn't have been nicer. You can tell he has done many book signings because they move you through the line quickly and efficiently; he signs your book how you want it, then you get a quick picture. He talks to you as he is quickly signing and there isn't a ton of time, and the other guys that ensure the line keeps moving....

The show itself was awesome. ... it was an awesome night! My buddy ... said it was one of the best nights of his life ... the Kulinary Gangstas [went] of their way to make you feel great."
He and his business partner, Tony, visited 12 restaurants from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (10 in L.A. and 2 in San Diego) in the spirit of their upcoming attendance at the Guy Fieri Road Show in Los Angeles, California at the Wiltern. Rob wrote, "I've now been to 60 this year and only gained 5 pounds!" He recommended Hodad's, Polka, Mambos and Mom's Tamales.

Of Mambo's, Rob continued, "Mambos has the all time sweetest owner: Raul, Sr. He was such a nice man that took great care of us. He asked us to relay a message to Guy later that night in LA: 'Thank you for all you have done for me.'"

At the VIP meet & greet that night, Rob and Tony snagged a shout out to me, from Guy. The video is upside down, but it's only 14 seconds long. I'll just have to ask you to deal with it until I learn how to invert the video. Haha.

"Hey guy." ~D

If you had your picture taken with Guy Fieri at a book signing or meet & greet, check

And I was given the gift of a personalized, signed copy of Guy Fieri's book, More Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, from another regular reader who attended the Road Show. Thanks so much to you both for being so thoughtful!

The Road Show has its Grand Finale show at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada tonight, Saturday, December 19, 2009.

I've already had questions, "Will there be a Guy Fieri Road Show in 2010?" That question has yet to be answered. I think it will all depend on how the books balance, red or black, at the end of this one.

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