Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Take a moment from online holiday shopping and have a few laughs ....

The Guy Fieri Road Show is headed to Denver, CO on December 9, 2009, where the current temperature (as I write) is 1 degree. One degree. Not two; just only one. Haha. I was glad to hear the Road Show was stopping there; Diners, Drive-ins and Dives has never visited Denver. And after that, the Road Show entourage has less than 2 days to drive 20 hours to Seattle, WA.

Getting over the mountains from Denver to Seattle is a tricky business in December, and I hope I can speak on behalf of everyone that the tour buses and semi truck make careful work of it.

I've had several requests from fans for more information on the Kulinary Gangsta Krew or Road Show crew, and I'm sorry to report there isn't much information out there. Two of Guy's friends who pre-date his Food TV career are Kleetus and Dirty P.

Kleetus Cox (also misspelled Cletus) is at Guy's side more often than not. If you haven't already, do check out his blog at

Dirty P. Thompson (sometimes mis-reported as Dirty Pete) is also a regular at Guy's side.

For more, click here for a blog search on Kleetus, and click here for a blog search on Dirty.

Two relatively new friends are restaurant owners from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Stretch Rumaner, who is the one responsible for building the 6-foot margarita machine, from Kansas City, Missouri and Panini Pete from Fairhope, Alabama.

Stretch just had a brief interview with The Pitch, a Kansas City food blog, where he said, "The crew meets before each show to break down how the previous set went and what they might try on the next crowd." Read the full article here. And you can follow Stretch at

Panini Pete sent out a tweet that he's continuing with the Road Show in "Milwaukee, Rosemont, Denver, & Idaho." Follow Pete at

Woody, the flair bartender who's traveling with the Road Show, has recently uploaded some more YouTube videos of the shows. You can find his channel at

And DJ Cobra, the man behind the 7-foot, orange fur-covered booth has a MySpace page at

More as I hear of it!

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