Saturday, December 5, 2009

Recent YouTube videos with Guy Fieri

An unusually rather subdued Guy Fieri made an unsuspected stop in the WKLH studios, in Wisconsin, to do his radio interview in person.

He was fresh off the airplane from Los Angeles, after having made an appearance on the Price is Right (huh?). He also clears up the mystery TwitPic that had (cough cough) been bugging us for a few days. Fried crickets.

Click below for the other two parts of the entertaining and informative interview:
Guy Fieri on Dave and Carole Mornings WKLH Part 2
Guy Fieri on Dave and Carole Mornings WKLH Part 3

And from the show that night in Milwaukee, another installment of Guy Idol: Kevin Stohlmeyer singing the Stone Temple Pilot's "Plush." Haha, this video was practically viral on Twitter. Enjoy.

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