Monday, December 7, 2009

Rod Stewart look alike at Detroit Road Show

Just a quick note this morning ...

I've had several notes from fans wondering, "was that Rod Stewart at the Guy Fieri Road Show in Detroit?"

I don't know for sure, but I conjecture no. An anonymous tip told me it was Danny D., a musician and vocalist, who does a Rod Stewart Tribute act, based in Michegan. You can find him online at

Danny D and Guy Fieri met each other at the Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles, May 2009.

If anyone out there can confirm or deny, please let me know. Have a great day!

*update* Thanks for the confirmation in the comments section. I must not be awake yet this morning, I misspelled "Stewart" twice! I think I have them all corrected now. Thanks for reading. ~D

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Chuck said...

You're right...that was Danny D. My friend has a boat docked next to his in the summers and I've met him on several occasions. He's a great guy!

Dora said...

Chuck, haha. How could someone possibly do a Rod Stewart tribute act and NOT be a great guy! I hope he had a wonderful time at Guy's show.

Chuck said...

Hey by the way...I was the lucky winner of Guy's sunglasses after singing some Bon Jovi at the show...any chance of being able to order any video footage from the event?

Dora said...

Hi Chuck!

Well congratulations! Everyone is on holiday break just now, but I'll be happy to check into it for you. Give me about a week into the New Year, and I'll see what I can turn up for you.