Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reviews and comments on the Guy Fieri Road Show

Five days into the Guy Fieri Road Show tour, reviews so far are between favorable and enthusiastic.

One ticket holder sent out a tweet, Just saw the Guy Fieri Road Show with my sweetie. Took too long to get Guy on.

And another's tweet, just got your autograph on my leg tattooed---looks sick ! thanks for a great time in CT ! was worth the trip from long island.

And another's, Guy Fieri Road Show was amazing! I am shocked at how awesome a live cooking show can be!

Another's, The Guy Fieri show was pretty good. Not much cooking but very entertaining.

Click here to see quite a few (rather blurry) pictures from a recent meet & greet with Guy Fieri and the Road Show crew. If you had your picture taken with Guy Fieri at a show or meet & greet, visit to find and download your picture.

Erica Bustamonte wrote a short review from the Raleigh, NC performance in the entertainment section of with a short video from the first few minutes of the Guy Fieri Road Show. (Video takes a few moments to load.)

And Sunny Anderson (Cooking For Real) blogs about her guest appearance at the show in Wallingford, CT. Click here to read and see her backstage and onstage pictures.

It's been fun hearing about the excitement from fans when they see the tour buses in town, and hearing about Guy Fieri sightings out and about.

Just saw Guy Fieri at the Whole Foods in NC. I'm still shaking! (tweet)

saw @ChefGuyFieri leaving @thePitBBQ as we were walking back to our car. (tweet)

Guy and his krew visited The Pit BBQ, famous in North Carolina for its BBQ, certainly, but also for having beat a BBQ Ribs and Baked Beans Throwdown with Bobby Flay, for which owner and pitmaster Ed Mitchell is understandably quite proud. Haha.

Found @chefguyfieri 's buses and trucks!!! Hes got his picture all over them, pretty awesome for a cooking tour!! (tweet)

The buses have been causing a lot of buzz, with sightings in towns and on the roads. They were wrapped, rather than painted, by Fastwrapz. Visit them online at or on Facebook to see their work.

There are shows tonight and tomorrow in the southeast before the tour takes a Thanksgiving break and picks up again in the midwest through the western states.

Click here for some 52 photographs of the Guy Fieri Road Show in Nashville, TN. And click here for a brief review.


sharkslover said...

I'm a big fan of Guy Fieri but last week we saw the show in San Jose and were very disappointed. We actually walked out before the show was over. I didn't expect to spend that much money to watch Guy pull people from the audience to sing kareoki. I did expect a lot more cooking demo's. The best part of the show was the Australian bartender that came out before Guy. Save your money and just watch Guy on tv, much more entertaining.

BradSTLMO said...

Perhaps the worst spectacle ever brought to stage... Contemplating suicide...

Anonymous said...

Hey there