Monday, November 9, 2009

Video: Guy Fieri on The View

Aired November 6, 2009, many people didn't see this segment. The broadcast was interrupted by a national news report. So in case you missed it, here it is: Guy Fieri on The View, on ABC.

Many thanks to supernatural66 for this and other clips!

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Jenna Trunzo said...

Please check out my two articles, including an interview, about Guy Fieri and The Guy Fieri Road Show. Thanks!

Dora said...

Guy Fieri talks about The Guy Fieri Road Show (interview and photos) and The Guy Fieri Road Show embraces pop culture with a fusion of the culinary world and rock and roll

Very nice! And thanks for the tip.

tobe with an e said... trying to get your recipes that were on The View, today, Monday 30 May 2011...and can't find them on line...can anyone help?? thanks...tobe

Dora said...

Tobe, click here