Monday, November 9, 2009

Guy Fieri on Guy's Big Bite - #05 refrigerator

Greg & the Morning Buzz on Rock 101, WGIR, based in Manchester, NH, interviewed Guy Fieri by phone on November 4, 2009. The interview is about 13 minutes. Click here to listen.

The radio hosts asked several interesting questions. The one most interesting to me, mostly because I'm asked this question almost daily, where did the number 05 come from on Guy's refrigerator on the Guy's Big Bite set? Guy hesitated answering, but here's the story.

"The number on the fridge was supposed to be the Evel Knievel number 01, ok? So my producers said that the 01 didn't look right. So they went through and started rattling off numbers.

'No, 02 is second place.'
'No, that's odd.'
'No, that's too even.'
'Ok I like 05.'

So 05 made it on there."

Side note: Tom, I know you'll be reading this, haha. If you're looking for a birthday present for Guy, this signed Evel Knievel #1 patch pictured above is for sale. :)

Guy Fieri has long been a fan of Evel Knievel. So much so that Guy has a #1 tattooed on his arm. Here's that story, from Tattoo Magazine, July '09. Click here to view the entire article.

GF: One day I was having a birthday party—Festivus Maximus we call it—which usually goes on for a week. I opened the door and standing there was Joe [Joe Leonard, of Monkey Wrench Tattoo, Santa Rosa] with a tattoo gun in his hand. He gave me a tattoo I had wanted for a long time, a platinum grenade. Why I wanted it, I don’t know; I just did and he made it happen. He also did the Evel Knievel inspired #1 on my right arm. I’m a big Evel fan, but it’s a cross between that and a slot machine #1 because I went to school in Las Vegas.

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