Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guy Fieri kicks off Road Show in Lowell

Guy Fieri started his 21-city Road Show tour last night in Lowell, Massechussets. Philadelphia is next on the list. Here's a brief YouTube video from Lowell:

Here are a few reviews and comments from Twitter about last night's show:

  • Long day but Guy Fieri was AWESOME!!! I would def do it again. Such high energy and so kewl (tweet)

  • I had a great time Guy Fieri road show here in lowell ma. (tweet)

  • Just got home from the Guy Fieri Road Show - awesome fun! (tweet)

  • just got out of the guy fieri show OMG AMAZING (tweet)

  • Just got up on stage and sang happy birthday at Guy Fieri...I do what I want! (tweet)

  • Great show last night, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Can't wait for you to hit the Boston area again. (tweet)

  • it was such a high energy show and loved every minute of it. Had the opp to meet you too. so awesome!!! (tweet)

  • Guy Fieri on stage at Lowell, MA


    Of course, not everyone was overwhelmed. An anonymous ticket holder said, "... I was extremely disappointed. ... Don't believe them when they tell you that everybody gets a sample or a margarita, unless you pay 250 bucks to be on stage with him. There really wasn't much "rock 'n roll" involved either."


    The Lowell Sun reviewed the performance saying, in part,
    "I came for the food, but only got a whiff," joked Robin Metcalf of Billerica, who was seated near the back row. "It's OK, though. I got to experience something I never have before. It's like a concert, with spaghetti."

    Fieri tossed al dente noodles about the stage, as if he was smashing a guitar like an angst-filled musician. His backup band, Dirty Pete and Cletus, worked the crowd including some VIP guests seated in bistro chairs to the right and left.

    Gary Sutner of Gardner had his plan in place before Fieri even fired up the burner. He was determined to meet Fieri after the show and get him to sign a copy of his latest cookbook, which Sutner's girlfriend bought for his birthday.

    "I told her if she wanted me to cook anything it would only be one of Guy's recipes," he said. "I don't do Martha Stewart or that 30-minute stuff. Guy is the man."

    Rolling out a giant blender, the spiky-haired chef poured a number of bottles of tequila into its oversized pitcher. In true rocker form, he chugged the last swig from the bottle before heading back behind his stove to "wok and roll" out a helping of Hong Kong Noodles -- one of his signature dishes.

    "What a way to kick off a tour. Lowell knows how to have a good time," yelped Fieri pumping his fist. "This ain't yo mama's cooking show."
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